Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Eliot's Birthday

Today is Eliot's 33rd birthday!  

While we didn't have any big plans for the day, we still made it a pretty good one.  It was definitely less stressful than a year ago when we were still figuring out what was going on with the pandemic and barely leaving the house.  Now, we're one week into our second shots and halfway to being fully vaccinated and immune!

It's hard to celebrate a birthday on a weekday, and nothing compares to being at Disneyland on your birthday twice.  (Nothing we could have done would compare to Eliot wishing Donald a Happy Birthday and giving him a matching birthday button!)

Today, Eliot had to work, but he worked a few hours less than a typical workday.  (He'll make those extra hours up tomorrow.)  I drove into town and met him at our storage unit.  After eating our D'Angelos subs (that Eliot picked up on the way over) in his car, we went into the storage facility to look at our units.  

We were on a mission to find the rest of our fans, but we weren't successful.  It was still a productive trip though.  We went into the first unit to look for the fans, but when we didn't find them, we were still able to take stock and make plans with what we wanted to move back home. Then, we went into the second unit to go over our plan there too.

Then we went home and watched the season finale of A Million Little Things.  I couldn't wait to see how it all played out.  While we watched, I enjoyed the cupcake that Eliot had bought me the other day.  (It's his birthday so I needed cake!)  After a cliffhanger, we decided to stay up for a bit because neither one of us were tired.  And let's face it, the past few days have been so hot that we've barely been able to sleep anyways.  We have gotten a bunch of stuff done at night when it's cool.  Tonight was blissfully cooler.

Eliot went up to his office- the hottest room in the house- to organize some stuff that he hasn't been able to because it's been too hot in there.  I had him stop long enough to help me double team my project.  I wanted to move some of my Loungefly bags into the hallway onto the new 3x3 storage units we bought during Eliot's mini vacation.  I still need to organize it, but I was happy to get them moved out of our bedroom.

After getting a few more things finished around the house (and writing this blog post) we finally went to bed in our (finally!) cooled off bedroom.

It wasn't the most glamorous birthday, but it feels good to have gotten something done for the house.  Plus, we're planning to go out to dinner this weekend anyways to make up for today... so now we have that to look forward to!

Happy Birthday to my out of this world husband!  I love you to Infinity & Beyond!!!  °o°

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