Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Temperature Rising

How it is already the end of June?!?!?  This month has flown by!  The end of June also means we're halfway through 2021... and how is that even possible?  This month has been really busy for us.  Although, the last two weeks weren't as busy as the first half.

The last time I checked in, Eliot and I were adjusting to our post-pandemic life and a reset to normal.  We were also taking on a bunch of smaller house projects.  Over Father's Day my family came to visit and we had a productive and fun weekend!  Since then, we have still been busy, but not quite as crazy busy as the first half of the month.

Immediately after my family left, we switched gears to getting ready for Eliot to be away for a few days.  Eliot was away at his conference from Tuesday June 22nd- until dinner time on Thursday the 24th.  I was by myself for a little over 48 hours and I got a bunch of stuff checked off of my to do list.  And I was really glad when Eliot finally got home!

On Friday the 25th, I had to get my blood work done and have a follow up with our doctor after my appointment from two weeks ago.  I wasn't looking forward to it at all... between having blood drawn and getting my blood pressure checked again, I was pretty much a nervous wreck all morning.  But I was ready to get it over with.

Eliot went to work early Friday morning, while I got up, ate a small breakfast, did a few things on my computer and then showered and got ready.  I drove straight to the office building, went inside and checked in.  I told the receptionist that Eliot was on his way to meet up with me for my follow up doctor appointment.

They took me inside to have my blood taken, and while it didn't hurt this time, it still didn't go as planned.  The lady couldn't get any blood to come out.  (I bled plenty after she took the needle out though.)  After two tries, she couldn't attempt it again due to policy.  I wouldn't let her do my left arm since that was where I had to have my blood pressure taken.  (Poor planning on my part.)  Instead, I agreed to come back after my appointment when another lady would be there to try.

Eliot was in the waiting room when I popped back out.  No sooner did I tell him about my blood draw adventures than we were being called into my next appointment.  We did the usual, weight, check-in questions, and then it was go time.  I was calmer than usual but still a little anxious.  This time, I wasn't as worried since I already knew my blood pressure would be high.  While the nurse took it, Eliot poked his head out from behind her and made me giggle.  It was a lot better having him there for moral support.

After, one of the training doctors came in to ask me some more questions and to do a quick exam.  She left and few minutes after that, she came back with our doctor.  This was my moment.  I asked both doctors a bunch of questions about the medication, the side effects, things to look out for, and what were the steps to get back off of it.  I asked all of the questions that have been swirling around my head the past two weeks, and at the end I was feeling better about it.  I left the appointment feeling more comfortable about it, and knowing that I'd be back in another two weeks for a check in. 

After checking out of that appointment, I told the receptionist that I needed to go back in to have blood drawn.  I was called right in.  Thankfully, the second time it worked, but it did take the other lady a few tries to find my vein.  Both ladies were in there at that point and we were all talking and laughing.  It made me much more comfortable and less nervous.  Both ladies were really kind and set my nerves at ease.  After I had two vials drawn (wait, what!?!), I was bandaged up and sent on my way. 

Eliot had to go back to work but I wanted to go into town.  I went over to Michael's to poke around for a little bit.  I didn't spend as much time there this time, but I did check out a few things.  Then, I went over to Eliot's work so we could package up an order.  I said goodbye to him, grabbed some food on the ride home, dropped off the package at our post office and went home to enjoy the rest of my afternoon. 

Unfortunately, this was the last day that was remotely bearable.  The past few days, we've been stuck in a major heatwave with record breaking temperatures for June.

On Saturday the 26th (aka Stitch 626 Day), Eliot and I got up and you could feel the oppressive heat before we even got out of bed.  The air conditioners were working as hard as possible, but it was still warm inside the house.  Outside, it was awful.  Eliot took our packages to the post office and brought home Dunkin Donuts like usual.  He also picked up my prescription.  Then, we tried to get through the day and stay cool.  

For the most part, we stayed in the living room and dining room area where it was the coolest.  We worked on orders when we could.  Eliot did a little bit of cleaning.  I took it easy since it was the first day I started my medication and I wasn't sure how it might affect me.  We also ended up watching three Hallmark movies- including two new ones that were on our DVR.  We enjoyed the Christmas movie; it was the last one from the new 2020 movies that we hadn't seen.  We also watched a new summer movie.

Sunday wasn't much better as it was 88° outside.  Eliot and I took it easy much like the previous day, working on mouse ears and desk accessories in the air conditioning downstairs.  We still got a lot done, even though it didn't really feel like it.

Monday was really hot... like... unbearably hot.  It was 97° in our town!  No matter how much the air conditioners were on, they couldn't cool the house down.  Eliot was cool at work, but I suffered through the day at home.  I didn't do much.  I did a few things on my computer, put the dishes away, and did laundry.  After doing laundry, I thought I was going to give myself heat stroke so I sat on the couch and watched television for the remainder of the afternoon.  I watched a bunch of When Calls the Heart episodes and made room on our DVR for more Christmas in July movies.

Which brings us to today... it wasn't quite as hot at our house, but it was still really hot. 

This afternoon, I was finally able to see my cousin after over a year.  We last saw each other in the fall of 2019 before Eliot and I had all of our trips.  But due to COVID, we haven't been able to visit with her.  She lives in Massachusetts and I haven't been able to see her out of fear of endangering myself or my Mom and Nana.  Now that we're all fully vaccinated, we made plans to get together!

Karen and I were supposed to meet up near the Maine and New Hampshire border like usual, but after I read the paperwork that came with my medicine, we changed our plans.  Instead, she drove up to Portland so I could be near Eliot.  That way, if I needed him to come get me because I was dizzy or unwell, he could.  I felt awful about her traveling all the way up here, but it worked out perfectly!  Instead, she came with her mom and we also met up with my aunt who lives outside of the Portland area as well!

We all met at the Olive Garden in South Portland at 1:00 pm.  It was so good to see everyone since it's been so long!  We talked, caught up and laughed our way through lunch.  The food was also amazing!  (I haven't been to an Olive Garden in forever because Eliot's not a huge fan of it.)  We all left with full bellies and smiles.

After, we split up so we could visit for a little bit longer.  Karen and I hopped in their car and headed over to the mall.  Aunt Janie and Aunt Diane went shopping elsewhere and we agreed to meet back at Olive Garden and my car at 3:30.  (Thankfully, I found a parking spot in the shade so my car wasn't as hot as it could have been!)

Karen and I walked around the mall in the air conditioning.  It was 97° in Portland so it was necessary to find somewhere cool.  We didn't have anywhere that we had to go, but we poked around in a few stores.  (I wanted to check out the Disney stuff in Hot Topic and the Funko Pops in Newbury Comics.)  We walked Macy's to JCPenney's to where Sears used to be.  Then, we headed back over to Starbucks to get drinks.  The mall was air conditioned, but after walking the length I definitely was in the mood for a cold, refreshing drink!  Before leaving the mall we went back over to the Hallmark store so I could pick up a gift (for Eliot) that I've been meaning to get!

Karen drove back over to Olive Garden and parked next to my Aunt Diane's car.  We all said our goodbyes.  We were in the shade but it was still incredibly hot and humid out so we didn't prolong them.  We all waved goodbye and headed in our separate directions.  I sat in my car while it cooled off.  I had planned to go to Walmart to buy groceries and I was planning to bring home Chili's for dinner, but I was starting to feel tired and sick.  After a quick call checking in with Eliot, I decided to just go home.  I drove on the back roads- the same way that I'd come.  

By the time I got to our Hannaford grocery store, I felt a little better so I stopped and got a few groceries.  Then, I went home, unpacked the car, and tried to stay cool.  I've gotten a few things done for the business, but I've mostly been on the couch in front of the fan all evening.  It's still ridiculously warm out!  But our living/dining room and our bedroom have air conditioners.  It's still warmer than I'd like, but at least the house is bearable!  (This also brings us to me attempting to stay cool while finalizing this post!)

Whew!  Eliot and I have certainly been up to a lot the past few weeks... not as much as the first few weeks of June, but it's still a lot more than what we had been doing!  I'm glad that I feel like I have a life again.  (And it's nice to feel like I can leave the house without endangering myself, others or my loved ones!)  I'm sure 2021 has a lot more adventures in store!  I can't wait to see how the second half of this year goes!!!  °o°

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