Saturday, June 19, 2021

Forward Progress

Yesterday, I did a quick check in on what Eliot and I have been up to so far in June... but the truth is that was only part of the story.  Another reason that Eliot and I have been so busy is that we've been working really hard on projects all over the house.  I am 100% serious about getting our two puppies sooner than later, and that has pretty much become my main focus.  The only obstacle in my path right now is getting the house finished enough so the puppies will be safe.

Lately, it feels like we've been in overdrive working on the house.  I've told you about Eliot's Funko Pop Display in his office that he started over Memorial Day.  At this point, we've decided that we like the idea and that we're going to put those shelves all the way down our upstairs hallway.  It's the perfect place to display our Funko Pops.  Last weekend, Eliot and I measured the hallway and calculated how many of the shelves we need to get in order to finish his office and the hallway.

Speaking of the upstairs hallway, Eliot also recently built both of my new 3x3 storage cube units and he moved them into place in the hallway.  Once they were all set, he helped me move a bunch of my Loungefly bags out of our master bedroom and onto those units.  The bags aren't organized, but the storage units are full!  (Organizing my bags is something I can do later this summer or this fall when it's cooler out.)

The weekend after we got our COVID shots, Eliot and I built one of our new bookcases for Eliot's office to put 3D material on.  We still have one more bookcase in our storage unit that we'll probably bring home this weekend.  I'm so glad that I thought of these bookshelves.  We finally have a way to organize all of our 3D material by color and they're easy to get to!  When we're done, we'll have four of them and that should be plenty of space for all of our material, as well as a few of Eliot's collectibles!

We've also been busy cleaning the entryway from the garage.  Eliot and I have always entered our house through our front door, but I'd like to start using the garage entrance so wet, dirty little puppy feet won't be tracking in mud all over the wood floor in the living room.  After Squirrel-Gate, the entryway was where a lot of the stuff from my office ended up.  (My office is right off of the entryway.)  Eliot and I cleaned and moved all of that stuff back into my office, or to another location.  

In addition to that, we've also moved the 2x2 Kallax from his office into place.  When we bought the bookcases for his office, we knew he'd have to move that out.  It's a little beat up from moving from MA, to Biddeford, to our house, so it was the perfect one to put in the entryway.  Eliot put the new white drawers and cubby units for it together over Memorial Day weekend.  Since then, he installed them and moved it into place!

I've also started to organize the closet in our entryway.  We don't have a pantry in our kitchen, so that's what we use instead.  The closet is filled with shelves instead of a clothes rod, so we assume that's where the previous owners stored extra food.  Since it's just the two of us, we also use that closet to store our hats, mittens, gloves and all of our winter gear. I've been trying to organize all of them in containers that fit perfectly between the shelves.  We'll probably put the dog food and supplies in there as well.  It doesn't have to be perfect right now, but it feels good to make progress!

Eliot also assembled our new exercise machine last weekend.  I saw it in an ad on Facebook, and it looked different than what we already have.  Eliot used to love doing the climbing stair machine at the gym.  Instead, this is more of a climbing up a ladder motion.  It works out your entire body, so we thought for the price it was worth trying out.  Plus, it can fold down and it doesn't take up much room!

Last but not least, I've continued to try to get my accessories organized.  I finally spray sealed all of my new Pair Eyewear frame toppers the other day.  (A bunch of people in our Facebook group said it was best to spray the old ones that don't have the glossy finish.)  I have so many of them at this point and I've been putting it off.  But since Eliot and I found the correct spray, I figured it was time.  It took me an entire afternoon to spray, let them dry and then do the next batch.  I'm so glad that's done!

Now, I'm shifting my focus to storing them.  After a lot of internal debate back and forth, I've finally decided to make my own board.  Most people buy magnetic boards, but that can cause the toppers to flatten out.  I don't want to spend a ton of time having to reshape them daily, so I'm going to make a hanging board that will keep their natural shape.  Last weekend, I measured out the space I want to put it.  After, I measured a few of my toppers and did some quick math.  I've got a plan for the size of the board and how many hangers I'll need!  So Eliot and I have yet another house project on our list (and another visit to Home Depot in our future) but it'll help get us more organized!

None of these house projects have been a big deal, but anything is better than nothing; plus, it's nice to see more progress!  Hopefully, we can keep moving forward!  °o°

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