Sunday, June 20, 2021

Father's Day 2021

Happy Father's Day to all of the Dads out there!  I hope you had a great day!  Eliot and I have had an eventful few days as my family visited us this weekend!

The fun started Friday night when Jeremy drove up so he'd be here first thing in the morning on Saturday.  He arrived before Eliot got home from work, so he and I hung out and caught up.  Eliot arrived about an hour or so later with my dinner.  Then the three of us hung out flipping back and forth between NBA playoff basketball and NHL playoff hockey!  Jeremy doesn't watch hockey unless he's visiting us, but he did get a kick out of watching the Vegas Golden Knights lose to the Montreal Canadiens.  (As Sharks fans, Vegas is our least favorite NHL team and we always cheer against them.)

Saturday morning, Eliot and I got up and packaged up the orders we had to get out in the mail.  After Eliot dropped off the packages, he came home with breakfast from Dunkin Donuts for all three of us.  He bought me and Jeremy donuts but I also had a breakfast sandwich that I didn't know about.  When I discovered it, Jeremy regretted not asking for his own sandwich, so we split mine.  (I'm a good big sister!)

The next few hours, we waited for our parents to arrive.  They got a later start than they'd planned so they weren't going to arrive until mid-afternoon.  Eliot went outside to mow the lawn.  Jeremy chilled out on the couch and I did a little bit of cleaning.  Around 2:00 pm, their car pulled into our driveway.

The rest of the afternoon, we worked on some small projects around the house.  Mom cleaned a some things in the garage.  Eliot and Dad trimmed some of our trees on the edge of the lawn in our back yard.  Eliot and Jeremy took our broken storm door off from our front porch entrance.  Dad restrung the dishwasher drainpipe so it wouldn't be in the way of everything under the kitchen sink.  I bounced between everyone helping and making sure everyone had plenty of water.

It wasn't a lot, but the small projects we got done were a huge help.  Eliot realized that our grass on the edge of the lawn was dying because the tree branches were taking all the sunlight.  Now we can at least get the grass some sun.  I've been annoyed about the dishwasher drain for over two years from the time we fixed it.  And taking the storm door off was a huge relief.  It's been broken since a few weeks after we moved into our house.  It's a pain in the butt to close; you practically have to slam it shut.  Plus, it's still dropping little pieces of glass all over the front porch.  With puppies coming soon, I wanted that to go away so we can buy a new one!

After we finished with everything, we did a quick clean up.  Mom, Dad and Jeremy drove into Biddeford to check into the hotel.  Eliot and I took quick showers and headed in a few minutes after them.  We met them at their hotel before driving over to Ninety Nine Steakhouse for dinner.  The restaurant was too full to bring us right in, but we were able to be seated immediately outside.  It was warm but not too hot so we decided to do that.  We all sat at one of the 6 picnic tables and it was actually really nice!  We had a wonderful meal and even got to see the beautiful sunset!  Then, we said goodnight to my parents and Eliot, Jeremy and I drove home.  Jeremy stayed up to watch one of the NBA games but Eliot and I went straight to bed.

Sunday morning, we got up early since we had plans to meet Mom and Dad in Saco at the IHOP.  After dropping Jeremy's car off at the park and ride in Saco, we arrived a few minutes before Mom and Dad so we put our names in.  They finally seated us about 30 minutes later.  At that point, Mom didn't feel well so she went back to sit in the car.  (We think some of her medicine might make her nauseous.)  Dad, Jeremy, Eliot and I had our breakfast inside but Eliot kept running food out to the car for Mom.  Our server was great and put a rush on Mom's eggs so she had something to eat.  After a delicious breakfast, we went out to check on Mom.  Thankfully, she was feeling better.

Next, we drove across the street to the Hannaford grocery store parking lot.  My aunt and uncle were dropping Nana off with us so she could go home with Mom and Dad after visiting with them for the week.  My cousin Luke was actually behind us at the traffic light.  It was really funny... I saw him dancing around in his car like an idiot out of the corner of my eye but it took me a second to realize it was him when I looked in the rearview mirror.  Suddenly, I exclaimed "Oh, it's Luke!" and we all waved back.

We all parked in a quiet section of the parking lot.  Luke had his daughter with him and it was fun to see her.  (We haven't seen her since last Mother's Day and she's gotten so big!  She's almost three now!)  Last time she was quiet but she was so talkative this time!  She told us all about her new swing set.  They only live about 20 minutes from Eliot and me, so we're all going to try to get together soon.  We also visited with my aunt and uncle for a few minutes.  Then, we got Nana moved from their car to Mom and Dad's car and we said goodbye and headed in different directions.

Mom, Dad and Nana went back to Biddeford to drop a few things off at Goodwill that we took out of our garage.  The three of us kids went into Hannaford to get sunscreen and waters.  (It was about 86° so we knew we needed to hydrate a lot and wear plenty of sunscreen.)  We then drove to Old Orchard Beach and Pirates Cove mini golf.  Our parents and Nana arrived about 10 minutes later and parked in the shade.

Then, Dad, Jeremy, Eliot and I went in to play.  (Mom sat in the car with Nana.)  We did the "easier" course- which was fun since I haven't played that one in a while.  Dad kicked all of our butts and got three hole in ones.  Eliot came in second and also got a hole in one.  (Which didn't surprise me; he usually does well.)  Jeremy and I didn't have a great mini golf day and I definitely bit the dust bringing up the rear.  We had a ton of fun mini golfing though.  But it was so hot in the sun today.

Thankfully, Eliot knows me well enough to know that I would need water.  He tucked a cold one into his cargo pocket and I drank the entire thing throughout the course.  I kept trying to find shade whenever possible.  At hole 11, there was a stone edge in the shade.  We had caught up with a few of the families in front of us, so I sat on that rock in the shade for about 10 minutes.  That really got me through the rest of the holes.  

At the end, we didn't win the free game, but Dad did get a scratch card with $1 off each person at a future visit!  The coupon is good for the Bar Harbor Pirates Cove, so we might go mini golfing again over the 4th of July while we're home!

After, we walked back to the car to visit with Mom and Nana for a few minutes.  We gave Dad his Father's Day card.  Even though we were in the shade, the heat was catching up with me.  I had Eliot drive our Jeep over so I could get inside and sit in the air conditioning.  We talked for a few more minutes and then said our goodbyes.  

Eliot and I dropped Jeremy off at the park and ride so he could drive back south to New Hampshire.  Eliot and I went to Dairy Queen after he suggested it.  I haven't had a Blizzard in forever, and I thought a small one would be the perfect thing to help cool me off.  Eliot took over driving and that helped me feel better too.  My small cookie dough Blizzard hit the spot and I slowly ate it while Eliot ran into Walmart for a minute.  Then we headed home a different way that he had gone a few days prior.  It was fun to see a different area on the backroads.  We saw lots of farm land, horses and cows.  We also found a new place to get ice cream!

When Eliot and I got home, we basically went straight up to bed for a nap.  I was very overheated, hot, exhausted, and I desperately needed to cool off.  Our bedroom has the air conditioner so I went right up there.  My cold washcloth helped and I woke from my nap feeling much better.  I'm a little sunburnt, but I feel good otherwise.

Eliot went to Subway to get us sandwiches because I didn't feel like cooking.  Now, we're watching the Vegas vs Montreal hockey game and getting ready to put in a late night working on mouse ear and desk accessory orders!  We'll probably be up pretty late, but it was worth it to have a fun weekend off with my family!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend too!  °o°

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