Monday, September 26, 2022

Magical Merchandise: 2022 Disney Parks Halloween Collection

Spooky season is upon us and I finally feel like it's time.  Now that Eliot and I are home in Maine and the weather has cooled off a lot, it feels like Halloween season.  And let's face it; it's really hard to get into the spooky spirit in the middle of August...

Over the past few weeks, Shop Disney has been dropping a lot of their Halloween merchandise in waves.  I knew that this would probably happen again this year, much like last year.  Instead of making two separate Halloween posts, I decided to hold off and put everything together.  I might have missed a few things that sold out, but this is a pretty comprehensive list of the things that have caught my eye online and when we were at Disneyland!  So let's see what they conjured up this year!

We're starting off with clothing and one thing you can always count on is some sort of Spirit Jersey.  This year's adult design was a fun half orange and black tie dye look with Mickey in his new pumpkin costume!  Eliot's Mom bought him one, but they've recently sold out online... I might have to see if she can go back to Disneyland to pick one up for me because I'm having regrets about not getting one while I was there!

The kids version of the Spirit Jerseys is a tie dye orange mix, with the same design.

Fido can even get in on the action with a matching dog Spirit Jersey!

This year, they had a ton of different Baby Bodysuits.

They also had this really cute Baby Outfit.

There was also this adorable Mickey Baby Skeleton Outfit!

For kids, they had a Marvel Hoodie with character pumpkins all over it.

There was also a kids Star Wars Droid Shirt.

They released matching Halloween Pajamas for the entire family!

They made a kids and adult version of this Disney Character Shirt.

There's also a Button Up Shirt with the character pattern on it.

For the guys, they made a Glow-in-the-Dark Suit.

The was also a Halloween Hoodie with the all over character print.

I love this Women's Halloween Shirt!

Finally, they also made some Women's Halloween Joggers with the all over pattern.

Switching gears, next we're taking a look at accessories.  On a cute-o-meter scale of 1-10, this Baby Mickey Pumpkin Hat is probably gonna be a 15.

I thought these Halloween Crocs were pretty cute too!

They also have matching Mouse Ears... 

... as well as a matching Loungefly Mini Backpack!

Here's a Tote Bag that you could use to Trick or Treat!

And a light-up Halloween Necklace to keep you aglow all night!

Finally, we're taking a peek the home decor Shop Disney released.  I was surprised to find a bunch of "Baby Yoda" stuff.  Let's start off with the Grogu Candy Bowl.

They also had a Grogu Light-Up Door Mat.

This little Grogu Mummy Plush is adorable!!!

He's dressed up as a ghost on this Grogu Wall Decor.

If you can't pick a favorite Grogu costume, the Kitchen Towel Set has all of them on it!

They also released some Marvel items this year including a Groot Candy Bowl.  To me, it looks a little creepy without anything in it, but it's really cute with food in it!

This Groot Pumpkin Plush has got to be the cutest thing from the entire collection.  I saw him at Disneyland and it's a miracle he didn't come home with me.

They also made a Hulk Light-Up Doormat.  My favorite part of this design is that it includes a nod to other super heroes with the character pumpkins beneath him!

This set of Ghost and Mickey Pumpkin Pillows adds some spooky cute to your house!

This little Ghost Candle is really cute as well.

They made a Halloween Blanket with the overall character pattern on it.

There's also a matching Mickey and Minnie Mouse Halloween Countdown.   

They have matching Kitchen Towels as well.

This year's Halloween Wreath its a bit different than usual, but it's still cute!

There's also an a-door-able Mickey and Donald Doormat.

Finally, I've saved the very best for last... the most popular item from the entire Shop Disney Halloween collection was this giant Mickey Mouse Pumpkin Blow Mold!

He was only $65, which really isn't bad for a blow mold this large.  I'm a little bummed out that Eliot and I didn't buy him online when we had the chance... but judging how popular he was this year, I'm hoping that he might make another reappearance next year!  (Disney has gotten a lot better and rereleasing things that are this popular.)

And that's the 2022 Shop Disney Halloween merchandise!  I hope you enjoyed this post!  If you're looking for Haunted Mansion and Hocus Pocus items, I've already written about them at those links.  There's also a ton of new Disney Villains and Nightmare Before Christmas stuff if you're interested in that!  There was so much that I couldn't post it all... but definitely check Shop Disney out for more spooky thrills!  °o°

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