Friday, September 2, 2022

2022 D23 Expo Selection Results

Well, yesterday was back to school on the Hogwarts Express... 

Today, it appears that the Hot Mess Express is pulling into the station.

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Today was the much awaited results day to find out what 2022 D23 Expo sessions we were selected for.  I won't lie, I was legit stalking my email all morning.  In the early afternoon, I finally came to the conclusion that I'd never get anything done if I sat at on my laptop, so I got up to take a shower.  Naturally, we must have gotten the email a few minutes later because when I opened it to check again around 2:10, it had been sent at 1:40 pm while I was in the shower.

When opening the email, I felt a rush of excitement about all of the possibilities that could be inside it!  I was actually selected for something!  Then, I scrolled down... 

Two Pixar Ball Giveaways and a Disney 100 Years Pennant Giveaway... 

And that was it.

Surely there was another email with the sessions or shows... right?  Nope.  Nothing.

I immediately called Eliot at work, but he wasn't at his desk.  He called me back a few minutes later and didn't realize the emails had been sent out.  He checked his... and he was selected for one panel, two shows and no giveaways or talent meet and greets.

Wait, what?!?!

I had him check Jeremy, Mom and Dad's results.  Mom and Dad didn't even have an email at all... so we're assuming that they didn't get selected for anything.  And then Jeremy got picked for one show on Saturday and that was it.

There's no denying it, I'm really disappointed.  Is it exactly what I was expecting- yes, pretty much.  I had told myself multiple times to keep my expectations in check.  There are like 60,000 of us attending this event and everyone is trying to get into the same panels.  The reservation system was an improvement, but it's still a crap shoot.

After a little bit of online sleuthing, I discovered a few people complaining they didn't get selected for anything, while other members of their party got into four panels... and this checks out because it's what happened with us.  Mom and Dad got nothing and Eliot somehow got into three things.  I got three giveaways.  I honestly expected for everyone to at least get selected for a giveaway.  (They're doing six different Pixar Ball giveaways throughout the weekend... surely there are enough balls?)

What this tells me is that Disney's computer system is still whack.  It's just about as reliable as the whole Shop Disney Minnie Mouse Main Attraction fiasco back in 2020.

This is exactly how I expected things to go though.  And I'm still excited about going to the Expo, but that's coupled with disappointment now.  Honestly, I'm mostly upset that Jeremy wasn't able to get into Marvel or the Muppets.  He really wanted to go to those panels.  And I was really hoping to make it to the Mousequerade Fashion Show this year.  Sure, standing in the standby lines is still an option, but I don't think it's worth it to stand in line for hours when there's really no guarantee that you'll even get in.  I don't want to waste my entire expo standing in lines.

Yay Disney for doing the reservation system.  But boo technology for making crappy selections and making it seem like some people got preference over others.  The system is still broken and you've got a bunch of disappointed fans coming your way.

But you make do with what you get right?  So Eliot and I are going to get my three giveaways and attend the sessions he was selected for.  We'll also make sure we pick up our D23 Gold Member Exclusive Posters that they're giving away (see below).  And I'm really looking forward to seeing the show floor this time around.  We didn't get to explore it much at the last Expo, so we'll have more time to walk around it this time.

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Don't get me wrong, it's still going to be a great weekend and I'm excited, despite my disappointment.  It's just too bad that it sounds like there are going to be so many people who are disappointed.  And all of my happy thoughts of things actually being more organized have flown out the window.  Time to get the expectations back in check and make a plan now that we know what we're doing.

Magical but messy... I think that's going to be my mantra going into this.

All aboard the 2022 D23 Expo Hot Mess (yet still magical and fun) Express!!!  °o°

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