Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Wedding Wednesday: Our Wedding Cake

Well, yesterday didn't quite go as planned.  I'll fill you all in later, but the short story is that Eliot was home sick in bed all day yesterday and it wasn't exactly the spectacular 10th Wedding Anniversary that we had planned.  Oh well... what can you do?

However, I'm still not quite done with the celebrations.  The last thing Eliot probably wants to even think about right now is cake, but I had this post planned anyways, and what he doesn't know (or read) won't hurt him, right?

Our Disney Wedding had so many fun, creative little details.  One of my absolute favorites was our wedding cake.  Disney makes incredible cakes, and I knew that we wanted something truly spectacular for our special day.

Leading up to our wedding, I spent a lot of time scouring Pinterest for ideas.  One day, I came across an image of another wedding cake at the Living Seas Salon, and I knew that was what I wanted for our wedding.  Plus, it would go perfectly with the "under the sea" vibes of the venue and theme that we were going for.  (See image above.)

I emailed the photo I had found on Pinterest to our wedding planner Christy to see if it was doable.  It was out of the ordinary enough that she had to forward it to the Grand Floridian Bakery to see if they could recreate it.  (I believe the original creator of the cake no longer worked there.)  Luckily, they were able to make something similar!

Our wedding planner Christy emailed me back an image of another wedding cake that the Grand Floridian Bakery had done and told me that they approved my request.  She also gave me the cost for it.  It was pricey, but totally worth every single penny!

Our wedding cake completely blew me away when I saw it in person.

All of the details were incredible, and it looked like it was really a sandcastle.  The white chocolate Cinderella Castle on top was the crowning jewel covered in a layer of sparkling "sand".  I also loved the little sea horses and the Mickey Mouse on the front of it.  They even scattered chocolate seashells and starfish all over the castle and the base that looked like a beach covered in sand.

It was spectacular, and it looked stunning in photos against the aquarium backdrop!

Taking photos with Mickey and Minnie while cutting our wedding cake was definitely one of my favorite parts of our wedding day... even though actually cutting into it was pretty difficult!  The entire cake was covered in a thick layer of chocolate to give it the sandcastle shape.  Eliot and I had a really hard time cutting into it and we actually needed help from one of the Disney attendants to get into it.

And for those of you wondering... our wedding cake was as delicious at it looked.  Eliot and I weren't able to eat our full pieces of cake since we were running around trying to say hello to all of our guests at our reception, but we did break into our top layer a few days later.  Oh my gosh... it was so good!  I still dream about that cake!

The Team at the Grand Floridian Bakery did an amazing job.  Someday, I'd love to see if they could make us a miniature cake like our sandcastle wedding cake to celebrate our anniversary!  Our wedding cake is definitely something I'll never forget!!!  °o°

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