Thursday, September 22, 2022

First Day of Fall 2022

Y'all, it's officially fall.

The past two days have been an unproductive whirlwind of sickness and hanging on.  I won't lie, fall crept up on me.  I wasn't quite ready to give up on my summer bucket list... but after the past two days, I'm throwing in the towel.  And I'm 100% ok with it.

I'm ready to usher in my favorite season.  I've always loved the fall.  There's something about the changing seasons, gorgeous leaves, cool nights, and the beginning of my favorite time of the year.  (Halloween through New Years is the best!)  I love my cozy sweatshirts, wearing leggings and boots, my scarves finally making their reappearance and rich colorful sweaters.  There's just something about autumn in Maine.

So today is the start of another chapter!  While I'm somewhat sad to see summer and the warm weather end, it's time and I am ready for it.  Happy Fall Everyone!!!  °o°

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