Saturday, September 24, 2022

Autumn 2022 Bucket List

Fall is here and I'm soaking up all of the warmth and cozy feelings that come along with it.  I'm ready for warm, rich colors and wearing lots of jewel tones and sweaters.

Of course, the changing of the seasons also means that it's time for me to conquer a new list of goals.  This year, I added a few more goals than I had last year.  I've also made my list of goals a bit closer to home since I don't think Eliot and I will be able to adventure down to Massachusetts (to Salem or Six Flags) this year.

I'm also going to switch it up a little bit with this bucket list.  For all of my previous seasonal bucket lists, I've just made one large list.  But this time, I decided to separate my goals into categories like I have been for my Disney trips.  It's easier to keep track of them, and I've ended up separating them into categories on my "working list" in my notes anyways.  This will make it easier to track and keep things more organized!

So let's check out what I've got planned for the fall y'all... 

Melissa's Autumn 2022 Bucket List


1.) Make Pumpkin Treats (fudge, bread, or muffins)
2.) Have a Apple Cider
3.) Make Candy Apples
4.) Have a Pumpkin Spice Latte
5.) Get Some Pumpkin Donuts from Dunkin Donuts
6.) Get A Fall Dairy Queen Treat
7.) Have a Fall Themed Cocktail


8.) Watch Patriots Football
9.) Watch Sharks Hockey
10.) Watch Hocus Pocus
11.) Watch Hocus Pocus 2 (Debuts September 30th on Disney+)
12.) Watch the Halloweentown Movies
13.) Watch Nightmare Before Christmas (Eliot's Never Seen It)
14.) Watch Muppet Haunted Mansion
15.) Watch Haunted Mansion Movie
16.) Watch the Thanksgiving Parade


17.) Make a Fall Craft
18.) Carve a Pumpkin
19.) Make a Halloween Craft


20.) Wear a Costume for Halloween
21.) Go Apple Picking
22.) Celebrate Our 10th Wedding Anniversary
23.) Take a Drive to See the Fall Foliage
24.) Buy Pumpkins for Our Front Porch
25.) Go to A San Jose Sharks Hockey Game
26.) Go to A Maine Mariners Hockey Game

I'm excited about this list!  It's got some of the same stuff as last year, but there are also a lot of fun additions.  I'm excited for hockey season to start in a few weeks.  I've got lots of Halloween themed viewing on Disney+ for those cool October days.  And hopefully, I'll be able to get a little bit of cooking and crafting done!

It's sure to be an "unbe-leaf-able" fall.  I'll check in before the holidays to see how I did with this year's autumn bucket list!  I'm feeling pretty "gourd" about it!  He he!  °o°

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