Wednesday, September 28, 2022

January 2023 WDW Trip Planning

The magic is calling, calling, calling us... and we are finally going to answer it!  It has been about a year since Walt Disney World officially started it's giant 50th Anniversary Celebration, and just over three months from now (95 days, but who's counting?), Eliot and I are finally going to be there to experience it!  I seriously can't wait!!!

Now that we're home from our big California, D23 Expo, Disneyland trip, I'm finally able to shift my focus onto the next big adventure... our colossal January 2023 WDW trip.

This past week, Eliot and I have jumped back into planning mode.  We're juggling a lot of moving parts.  He's been looking up hotel prices for our split stay.  I've been trying to get all of our plans and reservation numbers organized into another trusty note.  We're currently debating canceling our car rental since we aren't really sure that we'll actually need it.  We also just pushed our flight home back by a day.

Last month, I told you how we were changing our anniversary trip plans to add extra days onto our Walt Disney World Marathon weekend trip.  We were supposed to be going down December 30th to January 14th.  But a little bit after Eliot and I booked our flights... it suddenly dawned on me that the Festival of the Arts usually starts sometime in mid-January.  I was so focused on going to Disney for New Year's Eve, Walt Disney World's 50th Anniversary, celebrating our 10th Anniversary and race weekend... that I completely spaced about the Festival of the Arts.

While nothing has been announced yet... the festival usually starts the Friday of Martin Luther King Jr. weekend, which would put it on January 13th of this year (if all goes as planned).  Thus, Eliot and I talked about it, and since flights back on Sunday were only a teensy bit more than our Saturday night flight, we decided to change it.  This will give us an entire extra day at Disney since before our flight left at 5:00 pm and we wouldn't have gone to the parks that day.  Plus, it actually gives us an entire extra day period.

At this point, we're planning to go into the parks 11 days during our two week stay.  We had been already been planning to purchase a ten day WDW ticket.  Because of the rule that you have 14 days to use the tickets, we actually have to purchase one single day ticket as well.  But, it worked out.  We have our single day planned for New Years Eve, and then our 10 day ticket will be from January 1st to January 14th!  

Now that things are officially shaping up, I am getting so excited.  After the disaster that was our actual 10th Anniversary and Eliot getting sick, this is certainly looking up.  We will be there for so many amazing things: New Years Eve, New Years Day, Walt Disney World's 50th Anniversary, celebrating our 10th Wedding Anniversary, race weekend, hopefully the Festival of the Arts and... if all of that isn't spectacular enough... I also came to the realization that the Christmas decorations will hopefully still be up for the first few days of our trip!!!  It's going to be amazingly epic!!!

I have a lot to look forward to as the days slowly tick down to our next grand Disney adventure.  I better get started on that bucket list now as well.  Between race weekend, the 50th, our wedding anniversary, and potentially the Festival of the Arts, I've got a lot of goals I need to nail down.  And I better also get started on our mouse ear list.  Thank goodness we're flying Southwest because we're gonna need those extra bags... °o°

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