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Our 2022 D23 Expo Merchandise Haul

It's been five weeks since the 2022 D23 Expo came to a close.  I've been wanting to post about the treasures Eliot and I brought home with us ever since we got back, but let's be real... we've both been so busy that the only reason my suitcases are even unpacked is that we needed them to fly to San Jose this weekend!  Thankfully, that required me to actually go through my bags the other day, and with it, I am finally organizing some of the merchandise we purchased at Disneyland and the D23 Expo.

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Since we're on our way home from San Jose right now, I wanted to have a post ready to go in my absence.  Showing you a peek at some of the merchandise that Eliot and I bought during the event seemed like the perfect fit!  But before diving in, I do want to note that some of it is still in Southern California with Eliot's Mom (who hasn't shipped it yet) so I have a few stock photos since the items aren't in our possession yet! 

So let's check out what Eliot and I brought home with us!

D23 Expo Mickey Mouse Disney 100 Pin- This Mickey pin was my first souvenir of the expo.  When Dad and I got into the Disney Legends panel, they did an introduction for the weekend and for the Disney 100 Years celebration.  There was a giant statue of Mickey outside the expo and they told us all Gold D23 Members would get a smaller replica of it as their free gift for next year.  (Woo-hoo!!!)  Then, they said that all of us in the audience would get this exclusive Mickey pin after the panel!  It's really cute in person and I can't wait to display it on my desk.

Encanto Casita Pin- I got this as the "free gift" with my Disney Animation 100 Years pennant that I was selected for the giveaway.

Santa Tinker Belle Keychain- Eliot traded for this little keychain for me.  There was a booth where you could buy blind bag keychains, then around the corner you could trade for a different one if you got one that you didn't want.  Jeremy and him spent quite a bit of time there, but all I wanted was this little Santa Tink for my holiday bags!

Walt Disney Imagineering Pens, Pencil and Markers- This is a weakness of mine, so I'm glad that this is all the damage I did.  Designers tend to have a thing with cool pens and I am no exception.  I've gotten the paint brush pencil and pen before, and I think I have a few of the Sorcerer Mickey pens from last expo too... it was the markers that blew me away.  I tried to contain myself... but I had to get all of the colors they had!

Steiff Mickey and Minnie Plush- I thought these were so cute but I assumed they were going to be really expensive.  Steiff makes gorgeous plush but they're usually higher end.  When I found out how inexpensive they were ($35 each I think) I had to go get them.  Mickey and Minnie are so soft.  I picked these two out and lifted them like I was carrying a precious heirloom.  Then, I got a little emotional when I was walking them over to the register.  I don't know what came over me, but I was overcome with emotion about buying these little guys.  I love them so much!

Tigger and Eeyore Steiff Plush- Eliot and Nori bought these while I was in the Disney Legends panel.  She also got his sisters a Tigger (Sara) and Eeyore (Elissa) too.

Disney Munchlings- These debuted at the D23 Expo so naturally Eliot and I had to get a few.  I wanted to get the giant Baymax S'more, but we were afraid we wouldn't have room in our luggage.  Instead, we bought four of the small boxes.

Magica De Spell Nuimo- She was with all of the other duck themed merchandise.  We got two of them and Eliot sold one on eBay to cover the cost of both.  For now, we're keeping the second one since we aren't sure if they'll make more Ducktales Numios.

Disney Ducks Nuimo Outfits- These are so cute!!!  Jeremy showed Eliot and I this Darkwing Duck inspired outfit and we knew we had to get one too.  Having the Launchpad McQuack outfit come with it was just an added bonus!

Lina Bell Plush- Eliot and I have plush of Duffy and all of his friends, so when we found out that his newest friend, fox Lina Bell, was going to be available, we knew we had to get her!  She hasn't joined Duffy and friends yet, but she'll fit in perfectly!

ShellieMay and Cookie Ann Plush Keychains- The giant Disney Store also had these cute little keychains of ShellieMay and Cookie Ann and I had to get them.  I think Cookie Ann will live in the kitchen and I'll probably put ShellieMay on my desk.

Walt Disney Imagineering Shirt and Sweatshirt- I discovered this original Disney theme park characters design while Eliot was photographing the Muppets stuff and texting Jeremy asking what he wanted.  I loved the design and got a t-shirt, but Eliot caved and bought a shirt and the matching sweatshirt.

D23 Expo Spirit Jersey- It's white so it's not practical, but I had to have it!  I love the design on this year's expo shirt and how it's got some silver accents on it!

D23 Expo T-Shirts- Eliot and I also both got matching D23 Expo shirts.

Pixar Balls- I brought home the two Pixar Balls that I was selected for in the giveaway.

Disney Animation 100 Years Pennant- I also got this pennant in a giveaway.

Pilot Mickey Pop Sockets- I honestly don't even remember getting these but I think they were handing them out when you left the exhibit of Walt's plane.

Muppets Haunted Mansion Mug- By the time Eliot and I got into the Mickey's of Glendale store, they didn't have the Muppets Haunted Mansion wallpaper print button down shirt in my size.  I was a little disappointed since I never got it when it was on Shop Disney last year.  Instead, I bought a mug with the silly tombstones on it.

Mickey Mouse Cake Pop Maker- I was so excited to visit the Select Brands booth as they had a lot of great deals on kitchen gadgets, but Eliot and I actually already had three of the things they had displayed.  However, I've had my eye on this cake pop maker for over a year now... and they were selling it on D23 Gold Member discount for about $25 including shipping to our house.  That was a no brainer and I finally got it!

D23 Logo Postcard- I collect Disney postcards so I needed to add this to my stash!

D23 Expo Art Print- Eliot and I thought the print of the D23 logo was a great way to remember our fun weekend!  (Nori still has our print in California.) 

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D23 Gold Member Poster- We picked up our free posters.  I'm not sure where we'll put them, but I'll probably put mine in my office since the colors match it.  Then, Eliot's will probably go with more of our Disney artwork.  (Nori still has our print in California.) 

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Merida Doll- I love collecting Disney dolls and when I saw this Merida doll, I had to have her.  She's so beautiful.  (Nori still has my doll in California.) 

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Thomas Kinkade Halloween Painting- As I mentioned before, Eliot fell in love with this newest Thomas Kinkade painting.  I still can't believe that we actually own a full size painting... but here we are!  (Nori still has our painting in California.) 

Disneyland Jewelry- Finally, it's not something from the D23 Expo, but I feel like I would be leaving part of the story out if I didn't include these.  One of the reasons that I was so well behaved at the expo, was that I saw this beautiful Pandora castle necklace at Disneyland before the event started.  I really wanted it, so everything that I saw at the expo was compared to this.  I liked some of the other merchandise that I saw, but in the end, I wanted this more.  Our last day in California, I bought the necklace, along with this other cute necklace and matching earring set. 

Eliot and I had a great D23 Expo and I feel like we did a pretty good job controlling ourselves in regards to the merchandise.  D23 always feels like opening Pandora's box to me, but this year, we really focused in on what we really wanted.  Obviously, I would have saved money for more of the Thomas Kinkade stuff if I'd known about the great deal we were going to get... but there's always next time!

I'm really happy with the treasures we did bring home with us!  I can't wait to finally get my office cleaned so I can display my Mickey and Minnie plush and my new Merida doll.  I'll probably keep our Tigger and Eeyore plush together in our bedroom.  And I'm really excited to put all of my new Imagineering pens together... maybe in one of my Snowblade Creations pen holders!  One thing is certain, all of our new stuff will always remind Eliot and me of the fun we had with our family at the 2022 D23 Expo!  °o°

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