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Magical Merchandise: Other Online Halloween Finds 2022

Happy Monday friends!  Today certainly feels like fall here in Maine.  The weather is overcast and rainy, and the temperature is only going to get into the low 50's.  The leaves are all changing into various shades of fall colors and they look stunning.  And it finally feels like it's spooky season!

By now, it feels like we've been celebrating Halloween forever.  This is definitely the disadvantage to Disney starting it so early in August.  By the time we're actually ready for Halloween, I'm ready to move on to all things holly and jolly... but I digress.  The merry season will have it's time, and I'm trying to enjoy the rest of spooky season!

I've only got two more Halloween merchandise posts planned before we'll be switching gears to the holidays.  This week, I'm scooping up all of the remaining things that I haven't tucked into another post.  There have also been a few late comers to some of the collections that I've already shown you earlier in spooky season.  So let's dive in!

Hot Topic

Hot Topic had quite a few other Disney Halloween products that wasn't part of the Hocus PocusHaunted Mansion or Her Universe collections.  First we have this Winnie the Pooh Window Gel Clings set of our our favorite willy, nilly, silly old bear.

They also had a cute Winnie the Pooh Eyeshadow Palette... 

... as well as a Stitch Eyeshadow Palette.

I really love this cute Pumpkin Stitch Bag from Loungefly.

These Stitch and Angel Sneakers would look really cute with it!

You could even match with these Stitch socks!

There's also a Pumpkin Stitch Blanket.

I think this Mickey Blanket is super cute.  And I really like the candy corn colors!

They also had Mickey and Minnie Window Gel Clings.

My favorite thing from Hot Topic was this Mickey Travel Cup in candy corn colors.

And finally, I was surprised to see that they had a few items for the kitchen!


BoxLunch also had items that weren't in their Hocus Pocus or Haunted Mansion collections.  I think my favorite is this Mickey Pumpkin Make Up Brush Holder set.

They have had these Mickey PJ Pants for quite a while now.

I like these cute aqua Mickey Pumpkin Socks.

They also added a few park accessories like these Mickey Pumpkin Mouse Ears.

And also they had these Mickey Spiderweb Mouse Ears!

Ok, so it's not Disney but I'm switching gears a little, I had to include this adorable Snoopy Halloween Loungefly.  The pumpkin even lights up!

This Pumpkin Stitch Loungefly has been popular the past two years.

This year, Her Universe came out with this cute Mummy Stitch Bag.

There's also a cute Stitch Door Mat.

And a Star Wars Door Mat.

I think this little Star Wars Spoon Rest is absolutely adorable!

And it matches this cute Star Wars kitchen set!

Her Universe Haunted Mansion Collection

Earlier this spooky season, Her Universe came out with their huge Her Universe and Hot Topic Disney Collection.  Then, they followed that up with a few epic clothing items in their Hocus Pocus collection.  I assumed that was all we were getting, until they just dropped a Haunted Mansion collection a few days ago on both their website and Hot Topic!  (I guess they've gotta keep us all on our feet!)  Let's check it out!

First, we have some Haunted Mansion Sweatpants and a matching Sweatshirt.

Here's a better view of the Haunted Mansion Sweatshirt.

I like this Haunted Mansion Button Down Shirt.  It would be perfect for Eliot!

I love this Gargoyle Cloak.  It's already sold out in a few sizes at Hot Topic!

I also really love this Haunted Mansion Maid Velvet Dress.  I love the embroidered details on the bib, as well as the cuffs on the sleeves.

This Haunted Mansion Flocked Wallpaper Mesh Shirt is really cute too!

Finally, if you've been looking for a Haunted Mansion Wallpaper Sweater, now's your chance!  This is very similar to the Torrid one, but the pattern is a bit larger on it.

Unique Vintage Halloween

We're taking a break from Disney for just a minute so I can share some of my favorite items from Unique Vintage.  They're one of my favorite places to shop; they always have great holiday clothing.  I love pairing these with my Disney stuff!  I mean, wouldn't this Fuzzy Pumpkin Sweater look great with some of these other looks?

This Halloween Fair Isle Sweater is another cute look you can dress up or down.

I really liked this Halloween Windowpane Sweater.

I love how elegant this Pumpkin Cardigan look with the swirling pumpkin vines.

This Fair Isle Witch Sweater is super cute too!

This Pumpkin Pinafore Skirt may not be Disney, but it's popular choice of guests at the parks!  The reviews are filled with Disneyland's Main Street Mickey Pumpkin photos!

This Spiderweb Sweater would go well with so many of my Disney outfits!

I absolutely had to have this Purple Witch Hat Sweater.  It's not traditional Halloween colors and I thought it was fun!  I got it on sale and it came a few days ago.  I love it!

Finally, we're getting back into the Disney theme with this Black Flame Candle Shirt.

Cakeworthy Disney Collection

Cakeworthy brought back a lot of their stuff from last year, but they also added a few new items to this year's line up!  I've already written about their Hocus Pocus and Haunted Mansion collections, so today I wanted to show you the Disney stuff!

They brought back this popular Mickey Mouse Ghost Dress.  I finally got it this year!

They also brought back their Mickey Mouse Spiderweb Dress.

And they re-released their Mickey Mouse Pumpkin Button Up Dress too.

Then, they added this new Mickey Mouse Vampire Crewneck to their offerings.

There's also a new Mickey Mouse Vampire Crossbody Purse that already sold out!

I really love this Mickey Mouse Pumpkin Cardigan.  I didn't buy it since I decided to get the Haunted Mansion wallpaper sweater, but this is on my radar for next year!

My favorite new item was this Mickey Mouse Pumpkin Bucket Purse.  It reminds me of the McDonald's Boo Buckets that I loved so much as a kid, but it's Mickey!!!

Torrid Other Things Added

Torrid also added new items after I wrote my original Torrid Disney Halloween post back in August.  I've already written about the Hocus Pocus and Haunted Mansion items, but I wanted to show you a few more pieces they've added recently.  First, we have the Disney Villains Skirt that they snuck into that email but hadn't released as of my first post.  I think it is really fun and cute!

I absolutely love this Cruella de Vil Dress!  It's subtle yet fierce!

They also recently added this Cruella de Vil Sweater.  I think I might have to get this.

Last week, they snuck in this new Haunted Mansion Dress.

This isn't officially Disney, but I thought this Mermaid Costume was a fun addition.

They also have some Mickey Spiderweb Undies.

And finally, they also added this Minnie Dress last week!  I might need to get this too!


Last but certainly not least, we're taking a peek at what Lowes had to offer.  I didn't even realize that I hadn't already posted about these until this weekend when Eliot and I went shopping and we stopped in Lowes.  I usually do an entire post just on their merchandise, but since I was trying to do it by theme, I haven't touched on these- but you can find their Hocus Pocus and Haunted Mansion items from them at those links.

I'm always excited to see what they have for Halloween and Christmas!  I was excited to see a few new things, as well as some new twists on old favorites!  My favorite twist was on the Mickey Ghost from a few years ago.  This year, he's tie dyed fun colors!

Eliot and I love the hanging inflatables so I was happy to see a new Cheshire Cat one!

They also made some Mickey and Minnie Airdorables.  We bought a few Minnies since we already have a few of the Vampire Mickeys from last year.

They also made these cute Mickey and Minnie Blow Molds that we had to pick up!

They made Mickey and Minnie Skeleton Inflatables this year.

The very popular Giant Mickey Pumpkin Inflatable got a darker ear makeover this year.

Eliot fell in love with this Stitch Vampire Inflatable so we had to get him.

Finally, my favorite new item was this Mickey Pop Up Pumpkin Inflatable.  He literally pops up out of the pumpkin and he's so cute!  Eliot and I also went back to get him!

And I think that's basically everything that I've found online!  I hope you have enjoyed these last Halloween merchandise finds!  If anyone adds anything else... Well, there are only three more weeks left of spooky season.  Let's hope that this is everything they are planning to release otherwise they're cutting it really close!  

Happy shopping and happy haunting!  °o°

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