Monday, November 7, 2022

Magical Merchandise: Department 56 Christmas 2022

It's the most wonderful time of the year!!!  I love this time of the year when everyone is starting to transform their houses for the holidays.  My Facebook feed is full of festive photos (I'm in a few Disney Home groups) and I love seeing how people decorate! 

One of my personal favorites are the figurines that you can display anywhere.  I've shared about how special my Nana's Christmas village is to myself and my family.  I am always drawn to village pieces, as well as some other figures that I've recently discovered over the years.  Department 56 makes many of those pieces.  Today, I thought I'd share some of my favorite additions to their collection from this year!

Let's start with a few of the newer village pieces.  I'm not 100% sure when they are released, but these were a few new designs that I found this year.  First up, we have Mickey's Ski and Skate Shop.  Eliot would love this since he enjoys skiing!

Next is Minnie's Dance Academy.  This is so cute with the little Minnie ballerina figure!

I absolutely love this Mickey's Tree Lot building.  I wish this was a real place; I'd love to pick up a cup of hot chocolate while wandering through Christmas trees. 

Finally, I think Eliot and I saw this Mickey's Balloon Shop building last fall when we were at the Yankee Candle Village, but I noticed that I never included it in my post from last year's holiday merchandise.  But it's so cute that I had to share it now!

Next, we're taking a peek at the new Jim Shore pieces.  Eliot and I have been a fan of Jim Shore's designs for at least a decade.  I think the first one we ever got was our Winnie the Pooh snowman figure that I shared in my 2011 Winter Decor post.  I am always excited to see the new holiday designs each year.

First, we have this cute Mickey Mouse figure.

Then this Minnie Mouse figure matches Mickey perfectly.  They're so cute!

I love this fun design of the Fab 5 decorating a Christmas tree.

This Beauty and the Beast design is fun too.  I love Belle's burgundy holiday dress!

This stacked figure of Mickey and Friends is really cute and festive!

Oh my gosh... Eeyore wearing reindeer antlers is adorable!!!

And of course you can't forget Tigger dressed up as an elf!

I really love this little figure of Lucky from 101 Dalmatians.

This Tinker Bell figure would be a great way to add some festive decor to my vanity.

Eliot would love this Stitch wrapped in Christmas lights design.

The Mickey and Minnie Mouse ice skating figure is great for the holidays and winter.

Ok, so I'm not sure if this is a new one, but I had to share this adorable Mickey Mouse Snowman design.  Isn't he adorable?  And he'd be perfect to display all winter too!

Another great holiday and winter design are these three figures of Mickey and Friends sledding.  The pieces are separate, but they can be displayed next to each other to create a fun image of Goofy, Mickey, Minnie, Pluto and Donald sledding down a hill.

Finally, the Red Truck with Mickey and Friends is my favorite new piece this year!  It sold out from a lot of the shops, but if you're lucky you might still find it.  I always love red truck designs (probably due to one too many Hallmark holiday movies) and this one is super cute!  Eliot and I might need to add this one to our collection!

Last but not least, we're taking a look at the new Possible Dreams figures.  This Minnie and Mickey's Christmas Eve design was released as an exclusive last year, but now it seems to be available at a bunch of small shops this year.  It's so cute!

I absolutely love this Santa Creating Magical Mickey Snowman figure.  I have a thing for Mickey snowmen and this also has an adorable Santa and Christmas lights!  I most definitely have this Possible Dreams figure on my radar!

Finally, we're wrapping up our post with the Fresh Baked for Santa figure.  I literally gasped when I first saw this new design.  Mickey, Minnie, presents, and Cookies for Santa... what more could you ask for?!?!  Plus, the cookies are Mickey shaped!!!

Aren't all of these pieces a dream?  I love the new Disney village pieces.  Eliot and I might have to start our own little village at this point... because I want them all!  I'm also a fan of the Jim Shore pieces and his unique style.  Finally, I know I'll be adding a few new Possible Dreams figures to my collection.  I've already dropped Santa a few hints and sent my brother an email about one that I just discovered a few days ago... 

Now I just have to wait to find out what's under the tree Christmas morning!!!  °o°

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