Friday, January 6, 2023

Fun Find: 2023 New Year's Eve at the Magic Kingdom Videos

Happy Fri-Yay!!!  There's nothing better than a Friday... especially when you are spending it at Walt Disney World!  Eliot and I are wrapping up the first full week of our fabulous 15 day Disney adventure.  In fact, by the time this is posting, we should also have just wrapped up our 10K (6.2 mile) race around Epcot and the World Showcase!

I thought I'd pop in with a quick post about one of my favorite parts of our trip so far... New Year's Eve.  Celebrating "NYE" at Walt Disney World is the best.  My favorite NYE memories have pretty much been at Disney.  There's something magical about it!

Naturally, the best part of the entire evening is the fireworks at midnight!  Eliot and I didn't have the greatest view for them, but I was able to find a few videos over on YouTube of people who had a much more central location than we did.  I thought that I'd share them with you today so you can see what we experienced live!

I did tape a little bit of the fireworks from our view, but these are so much better.  Plus, I knew there would be so many other bloggers and people recording the show.  I really wanted to be in the moment and enjoy it.  I even got my midnight kiss from Eliot!

The funniest part is that while we were there, I was so enamored with the view of Cinderella Castle, the soundtrack, the countdown projected on the castle and the fireworks... that I didn't even realize they were shooting off the 360° fireworks around the Magic Kingdom!  It wasn't until I heard someone else in line talking about it that I even knew they'd gone off!  Those are always a favorite and incredible to see!

It certainly was a spectacular show, and I'm so glad that Eliot and I were both able to witness it in person.  We haven't been back at Walt Disney World for New Year's Eve since Eliot's first trip there, during our Mylen Family Reunion in 2009.  Eliot and I flew down a few days earlier than everyone else because I really wanted to be there for NYE.  We did the entire thing... hats, matching 2009 sweatshirts and blow horns.  But we haven't been able to get back for New Years since then.  I hope we're able to go back for another New Year's Eve at the Magic Kingdom much sooner this time around!

I hope you had a magical New Year's Eve and that you enjoy these videos!  °o°

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