Monday, January 16, 2023

Magical Merchandise: Scentsy Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary

Well, Eliot and I were supposed to be home yesterday around noon.  But after pushing back our flight, flying into Providence, RI instead of Portland, ME, renting a rental car, getting caught in a snowstorm, and staying in a hotel in Woburn, MA... we finally got home and settled in this evening about an hour ago at 7:00 pm.  (It's still storming, we had to drive the rental car home to Maine, unpack our luggage, and then return the rental car to the Portland airport.)  Needless to say, it's been an interesting 36 hours!

I had planned this post though, so I'm going to go through with it.  Now that Eliot and I have (finally!) returned home from our epic two week trip during Walt Disney World's 50th Anniversary celebration, I'm looking to keep a little bit of that magic alive.

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Thankfully, as you know, Scentsy created a special collection for Walt Disney World's 50th Anniversary, and Eliot and I have our warmer sitting at home waiting to be put on display.  These have been in the works for months, so you probably have already seen them.  I think we ordered ours back in March when I first told you about the castle

If you need a refresher, the main piece in the Scentsy collection is the Cinderella Castle warmer.  The castle is decorated in banners and a 50 medallion, just like the real thing.  It also has the same colors as the castle post makeover.  The iridescent wax dish is nothing short of stunning.  The entire pieces takes my breath away.

We also knew that they were coming out with a special scent of their wax melt Scentsy bricks.  It is called "EARaridescent" to go along with the 50th Anniversary theme.  It has a sweet smell, with notes of cedarwood, citrus, peony and apple blossom.  (Eliot's Mom got us the combo pack with the castle, so we got one of the giant bricks!)

What I wasn't expecting was anything else in the collection.  However, I was pleasantly surprised when they added these Mickey and Minnie Plush Scentsy Buddies back in October to coincide with the ship date of the castle warmers!  They are so cute!

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Mickey has his classic shorts in a purple and blue pattern with gold buttons and a gold bowtie.  His face is white and overall body is a shade of purple instead of black.

Minnie also has a purple and blue polka dotted dress with a gold belt and a giant golden bow atop her head.  She's also made in the same purple/white color way as Mickey.  I absolutely love her dress and wish they made one in my size!

One of my favorite parts of both plush, is that they have the Walt Disney World 50th logo embroidered on the back of their outfits in a metallic gold thread. 

I love these guys so much that I might have to get a set to put in my office.  Their colors match the jewel tones I have in there, and they would look great on my shelf!

The Scentsy Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary Collection certainly adds a little bit of magic to your house.  I think it's the perfect way to keep the magic alive back home... and it will last well after the 50th celebration ends at the end of March!  °o°

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