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2023 Disney Goals

It's 2023 and I'm jumping with glee!!!  In my opinion, there's no better way to start off the new year at Walt Disney World.  And if there was ever a year that I needed a little bit of pixie dust to jump start my year, it would be this one.  2022 was a great year, but the past few weeks have definitely left me feeling drained and in need of some magic.

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Each year, I look forward to making my goals for the upcoming year.  It's something that I've always looked forward to.  I feel like they're less rigid than a resolution, which just feels like a promise you make to yourself that's usually broken.  Instead, I make a list of goals of things that I'd like to accomplish each year.

Most of my goal lists are similar.  There are a lot of goals that move from one year to the next.  Some of them are one and done goals, but a lot of them are things that I really enjoy.  Thus, they find their way back to my list each year whether I accomplish them the previous year or not!  And I wouldn't have it any other way!

If you're curious and would like to see what my past lists have looked like, you can read my past Disney goal posts at the following links: 2014 goals2014 recap2015 goals2015 recap, 2016 goals, 2016 recap2017 goals2019 goals2019 recap2020 goals2020 recap2021 goals, 2021 recap, 2022 goals, and my 2022 recap.)

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For 2023, I decided to spice things up a tiny bit.  I've added some goals that haven't made an appearance before.  I took a few off, or combined them so that I'd have more room.  I've continued my tradition of adding another goal to match the year.  (20 for 2020, 21 for 2021, etc.)  I'm pretty excited about how this final list turned out.  I think adding a few new things has really rejuvenated me and made me excited for this year!

So let's dive in and see what I've got on tap for 2023...

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Melissa's Disney Goals for 2023

1.) Go to Walt Disney World for the 50th Anniversary- This is always a goal of mine, but I really wanted to make sure that Eliot and I enjoyed Walt Disney World before the 50th Anniversary Celebration ends in March of this year!

2.) Hang Disney Artwork and Pictures in Hallway- Eliot and I have so much Disney artwork.  We've been talking about hanging it up forever... so I made it a 2023 goal.

3.) Work on My Scrapbooks- I would be happy to organize my scrapbook stuff even if I didn't have time to work on it.  Hopefully I can make progress this year!

4.) Decorate the House for the Holidays- Eliot and I have so many decorations... this truly brings me joy and I'd really like to do it in some capacity this year!

5.) Paint Disney Nails- This is another new goal.  I used to paint my nails all the time for different events or holidays.  I've definitely gotten away from it though... so I decided this was going to be one of my new 2023 goals!

6.) Make Disney Home Decor for the HouseI have so many ideas for things to make in our house... and the lists only grow.  Hopefully this year I'll make a few!

7.) Use My Disney PlannerI didn't buy a new one yet, but I'm hoping to utilize the ones that I've had for the past two years.  I used to love having a physical planner!

8.) Make Disney Decor for the HolidaysI also have a bunch of ideas for holiday themed decor.  I'm hoping that I can make some of that this year.

9.) Make Disney AccessoriesI have so many things that I want to make myself.  I'm hoping that I can cross a lot of those things off this year!

10.) Watch All of the Classic Disney Animated MoviesIt's been forever since I've watched some of the animated classics like Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland, Snow White, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty.  This year, I'd like to actually watch all of them again... and with Disney+, I think it's possible.

11.) Have Disney Board Game NightsEliot and I have made time for a lot of other things, and I'd like to start playing board games every once in a while.  We have so many of them that we've collected through the years!

12.) Wear More Disneybound/Themed OutfitsI'm not making myself stick to a certain number of outfits because I think that's holding me back.  Instead, I just want to utilize more of the clothing and accessories that I've collected over the years!

13.) Have a Disney Themed PartyMaybe this will finally be the year?

14.) Put Together a Disney PuzzleThis is another new goal. Eliot and I used to love putting puzzles together, and I'd like to get back into it!

15.) Design an Imagineering ProjectEliot and I used to brainstorm tons of different ideas of things you could build in the parks.  I always wanted to actually draw one out one day.  Even if it's a small project... I'd love to actually make this happen.

16.) Read Disney BooksI have so many of these that I'd love to read.  I read one last year and I loved it... so this year I'm looking forward to making more time to read!

17.) Paint Disney ArtWe don't have a Painting with a Twist the town over from us anymore, but I've been saving up a ton of ideas for my own paint nights at home.  I'm hoping that I can make more time to paint because I miss doing it!

18.) Decorate House with Disney TouchesThis is always a goal of mine.  I have so many ideas and I only keep thinking of more.  I've also gotten a lot of inspiration from other people's houses from my Facebook Group, Pinterest and Instagram.

19.) Launch My Clothing LineI have so many ideas for this.  I really need to sit down and make time to dive into it.  No more fear!  Just dive in girl.  You've got this!

20.) Launch Our Home Decor BusinessI have a direction that I'd like to head in and I think that Eliot and I have the ability to make it happen.  Hopefully 2023 is the year!

21.) Create New Products for Happily Ever HatterAhh, I have so many ideas for this!  I literally can't wait to get our tax refund so I can buy some more supplies!

22.) Watch All of the Pixar Animated MoviesLike the animated classics, I'd love to watch all of the Pixar movies again.  I've seen most of them more recently, but I'm always looking for more ideas and inspiration!

23.) Customize Clothing with EmbellishmentsThis is my final goal and another new one.  I've been really inspired by a few Instagram accounts of people making their clothing their own by adding patches, rhinestones, vinyl, etc.  I have a bunch of ideas written down, and I'm hoping to play around with some of those!

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I'm pretty excited about these goals!  I'm always excited for a new year filled with possibility, but I think the addition of a few new goals has reinvigorated my zest.  I'm looking forward to a year filled with lots of creativity!

Since I started writing my goals down on my blog, I also started a tradition of choosing a word of the year to accompany my goals.  At the end of each year, I've found a word to focus on for the upcoming year... and it usually ties in to my overall goals for that year.  In the past, my words have been create, growth, blossom, dream, imagination, conquer, positivity, purpose and balance.

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I usually have to really think about it before I find a word, but this year's word just came to me almost immediately.  When I was thinking about the year ahead, one thing that just kept coming up over and over was the future.  So I've decided that my 2023 Word of the Year is: FUTURE.  Eliot and I have our sights set on a lot of dreams... so now's the time to start focusing on the steps that will create that future.

Here's to another new year.  Let's do this 2023... time to make it a magical one.  °o°

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