Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Winter 2023 Bucket List

Hi friends!  Eliot and I are still enjoying a few more days in the Florida sunshine... but reality has set in.  It's still winter... even here in Florida.  For the most part, our trip has been nice- in the 70°s and 80°s, but it's going to drop to 54° on Saturday.  Ok so to us Mainers, that doesn't sound cold... but in Florida, that's like 0° with how cold the dew point makes it.  Eliot and I are ready to get our out "warm" clothes if needed!

The locals are certainly having a tough time with the cooler evenings.  We've broken out our Spirit Jerseys a few times.  It hasn't been completely unbearable... yet.  But the cool evenings have me thinking about what we're going back to in a few days.

The weather hasn't been too bad back home, and we've barely had any snow.  Mostly rain thankfully- so at least we won't have to unearth the Jeep when we go to pick it up at the airport.  And we'll be able to get into our driveway!

I've gotta be honest... I'm not exactly looking forward to the cold or the snow.  But there is something magical about winter.  Once I get reacclimated to the low temperatures, I'm sure that I'll find the beauty in it.  There's nothing quite like the glimmer of fresh fallen snow.  I've also made this fun bucket list so Eliot and I can enjoy what the season has to offer.  Let's check out what our January and February might look like! 

Melissa’s Winter 2023 Bucket List

  1. Make Waffles
  2. Drink a Special Winter Hot Cocoa
  3. Make Heart Shaped Pizza (February 9th is National Pizza Day)
  4. Bake Something
  5. Make Chocolate Covered Strawberries
  6. Make Hot Cocoa Bombs
  7. Make S’Mores
  8. Learn How to Make a Charcuterie Board
  9. Make Snow Cones with Real Snow
  10. Make Cotton Candy

  1. Watch New Winter Hallmark Movies
  2. Watch New Valentine’s Day Hallmark Movies
  3. Watch Favorite Winter Hallmark Movies
  4. Watch Favorite Valentine’s Day Hallmark Movies
  5. Watch Irish Hallmark Movies for St. Patrick’s Day

  1. Make a Winter Craft
  2. Paint on my Easel
  3. Make a Valentine's Day Craft
  4. Make a Seasonal Wreath
  5. Make a St. Patrick’s Day Craft


  1. Do A Puzzle
  2. Go Sledding
  3. Send Valentine's Day Cards
  4. Read a Winter Book
  5. Take a Bubble Bath
  6. Have a Game Night with Eliot
  7. Build a Snowman
  8. Go to a Sharks Hockey Game
  9. Celebrate Happily Ever Hatter's 9th Birthday
  10. Watch the Super Bowl
  11. Go Ice Skating 
  12. Do Something Special for Valentine’s Day
  13. Have a Winter Carnival with Our Neighborhood
  14. Have a Snowball Fight
  15. Make Snow Angels
  16. Go to Ice Castles in New Hampshire
  17. Celebrate Our Dating Anniversary on February 28th
  18. Go to a Mariners Hockey Game
  19. Blow Bubbles (Will they turn into ice?)
  20. Go Somewhere with a Warmer Climate
  21. Do a Winter Nature Walk
  22. Have a Spa Day
  23. Start Using a Planner
  24. Do Something Fun on St. Patrick’s Day
  25. Clean the House During our Quiet Months

As you can see, I've kept the formatting and separating my goals into sections.  It's been way easier to navigate and I'm so much more excited about each of my bucket lists now that they're organized.  There's no turning back now!

I think this is an ambitious list, but I'm pretty confident that we'll be able to get most of it done.  I picture a lot of cozy afternoons watching movies while I'm eating my lunch or working on a few projects!  Hopefully, we'll have an incredible winter!!!  °o°

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