Wednesday, August 27, 2014

2014 Goal Update- August

It's time for another Disney goal update!  I originally planned to do an update monthly, but it would get really boring since there isn't that much to update monthly.  

For those of you who are new here, I made some Blog and Disney Goals for 2014.  The best way to achieve my goals is to review them.  Here's a short version of the list:

How am I doing so far with achieving the goals I set for myself?

1.)  Go to Walt Disney World
2.)  Participate in the WDW Half Marathon
As you know from my January Goal Update, I've been to Walt Disney World and participated in the Half Marathon.  Goals #1 and #2 are good!  I'm also going back to the World again for KeyCon, so goal number 1 is definitely achieved!

Photo Source: RunDisney

3.)  Make Disney Décor for the Holidays
I've done ok with this- not as well as I planned to, but ok.  I made an Easter Wreath this past spring.  I have big plans for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I'll probably feel more accomplished once I get a few of those projects done.

4.)  Do at Least One Tutorial Each Month

I'm seriously lacking in this department.  These take up a lot of time and it's kind of fallen off my radar.  Sure, I've done a few tutorials, but the whole "once a month" thing has completely fallen through.  However, I'm determined to get in at least twelve for the year.  I really do enjoy sharing projects I've done!  I just need to get ahead of them!  Stay tuned for plenty of them over the holidays!

5.)  Design an Imagineering Project
I've changed design ideas again.  (Oie!)  But, I think I've finally found one that will be fun and simple to complete between now and the end of the year.  I'm planning to start small with a fun design exercise.  Then, we'll go from there!

6.)  Write 150 Blog Entries for the Year
In order to achieve this, I calculated that I needed to post about 12-13 times a month.  I'm still on target for this goal!  I've already got 100 entries for the year with just over four months to go!  (In fact, this is my 101st entry!)

7.)  Have a Few Friends as Guest Bloggers
One of my friends, BJ, was generous enough to tell us about celebrating his birthday at Disneyland!  I'm also working on having a few more posts in the coming months!  

8.)  Have a Disney Themed Party
As most of you know, Eliot and I had a Show Your Disney Side BBQ back in June.  It was a lot of fun and we can't wait to have another one next summer!

9.)  Blog About One Fun Find a Month
This is also lacking.  I've done better the past few months; but I need to get ahead of this too.  I think it's time to make a calendar just for my blog... 

10.)  Take an Online Storyboard Class
I haven't had a chance to do this... yet.  I am still planning to take the visual storytelling class that is offered from Skillshare.  It's taught by an animator from the Walt Disney Animation Studios!  I stumbled across another storyboard class on udemy yesterday.  If the first class goes well, maybe I'll do this one next year to get even better at it!

11.)  Make Disney Accessories
As you know, my Etsy store Happily Ever Hatter is open and things are going great!  I've had over 25 sales since I officially opened in February.  I just hit a sales goal that I had for my business.  I've recently had a lot more requests for custom orders and I'm busy working on new designs.  My sketchbook is full of new ideas but I consider this goal met!

12.)  Paint Disney Wedding Art for our Dining Room

Elissa and I didn't make time to paint much this summer.  I had big plans to get a bunch of artwork done for our dining room but those plans didn't pan out.  I've been working on a few other projects, and I still have plans for some artwork in our dining room.

13.)  Finish Our Mickey and Minnie Bathroom

The bathroom is still a work in progress, but we're making strides.  Nana's going to make the curtains this fall.  Eliot and I are also working on a few other projects.  I keep adding to the idea list, which makes it harder to actually finish the bathroom!

14.)  Make Disney Sweets
We didn't get to make sweets for the Disney Side party like I'd planned.  However, all is not lost. I've got other events (holidays, birthdays, etc.) coming up to make sweets for!

I'm feeling fairly good about my goals so far.  I've made a little progress since I last looked at them in April.  Although, I'm not as far along as I'd hoped.  Time to kick it into high gear so I can cross a few more off between now and my next update!  Time is ticking and 2015 is slowly creeping up on me!  Ahh!!!  °o°


  1. Disney goals...what a great idea!

    1. Thank you! I also have a Disney Bucket List that I've started in my head. Maybe someday it'll make its way onto my Disney Goals! :-)