Thursday, August 7, 2014

Scrapbook Swap: Christmas in July Card Swap

Yesterday, I told you guys about the scrapbook bottle swap we did last month!  We also had a "Christmas in July Card Swap" in the Disney Scrapbookers group on Facebook! As you all know, I love the holidays and I love Disney.  Therefore, this swap event was definitely on my to do list!

It was set up so we each made a card for everyone who participated.  Since we had 20 members sign up, we were given the option of being divided into smaller groups. In true Melissa fashion, my vote was to be in the big group.  (More group members, more cards!)

We ended up with two smaller groups of four people, and one large group of twelve.  I was in the big group, so I had to make eleven cards for the swap.  (But, I made myself a few extra cards because they're so darn cute!)

Before I settled on a design, I searched for ideas on Pinterest.  Pinterest is my "go to" location for inspiration.  I started a Christmas Card board to collect my ideas and thoughts.  Sorry- this one is a secret board!  I can't give out all of my awesome ideas!  ;-)

I wanted a fun card design.  But I also needed one that wouldn't be too difficult to replicate multiple times.  Eventually, I decided to go with a Gingerbread Mickey Christmas card.  I love gingerbread houses.  (It's probably the interior designer in me.)  And I've always thought gingerbread Mickeys were really cute.  In the end, I found the perfect balance of cute, but not too complex or complicated!

Here's how they came out!  I absolutely love them.  I've always enjoyed card making.  I used to make all of my furniture store co-workers Christmas cards each year.  I really should do it more often!  (Want to make your own?  Stop by tomorrow for a tutorial!)

Of course, the main point of the card swap is to give and to receive!  Here are the cards I have received so far!  (A few of them are still on their way.)  I'm so happy that I signed up to be in the big group!  I really wanted to see all of the cards.  This is a great way to get new ideas to make my own cards for Christmas!

This swap was a blast and it's definitely put me into the Christmas (in July) spirit.  I really hope we do another card swap around Christmas!  I've got so many different ideas!  °o°

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