Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Scrapbook Bottle Swap: July 2014

In July, we had a bottle swap in the Disney Scrapbookers group I'm in on Facebook.  I'd never even heard of a "bottle swap" before I joined the group.  I quickly found out that it's when you stuff scrapbooking supplies into a plastic soda bottle and you mail it to your partner.  It sounded fun, so I signed up for it!

This particular swap was red, black and yellow themed.  We were allowed to stuff anything in it, but items of those colors were encouraged.  I wasn't too worried because I thought it would be pretty easy to find things that were Mickey and Minnie colored.  I set to work trying to find some items for my bottle to my partner.  It ended up being a bit harder than I thought it would be.  I ended up grabbing some non-traditional supplies so I could stick with the theme.  (In hindsight, I'd have worried less about the theme and more about getting actual scrapbooking supplies!  At least I'll know for next time!)

This is what I ended up getting my bottle swap partner.  I really liked the sequins because I got them in sizes that would create Mickey heads!  There's also ribbon, paper, a bunch of different stickers, pom poms, chenille sticks, glitter (pixie dust!), glitter ribbon, glitter glue, rhinestones, eyeballs, flowers, a small roll of tulle, and pearls.

It took me a while to figure out the best way of packing the stuff in the bottle.  First, I cut the slot for the "door" and glued the bottle cap on.  I ended up tucking the stickers, pearls, rhinestones, glitter glue, etc into paper at the bottom.  Then, I put the tulle on the top, with the eyeballs, ribbon, sequins and pom poms!  Thankfully, everything just barely fit in!

The next step was taping the bottle up for shipping.  I taped the door with clear packing tape.  Next, I made sure to securely tape the top and bottom of the bottle.  Then, I worked my way to the center making sure the entire bottle was covered in Minnie Mouse tape!  I taped the addresses down with clear packing tape and it was ready to go!  (Most of the group didn't have problems mailing their bottles, but a few post offices had members put their bottles into bubble envelopes.)

This is the bottle I got from my partner!  I love the Mickey tape on the outside of the bottle!

Here's what it looked like when I first opened it.

Look at all of the great stuff inside!  I didn't know what to look at first! 

I love the glitter puffy paints and I've been thinking about getting some.  The mini alphabet stamps are adorable.  I love the Mickey and friends die cuts.  There's also ribbons, flowers, a heart hole punch, lots of stickers, rhinestones, buttons, brads and Mickey Mouse punches in a variety of colors!  (My partner told me her daughter helped punch the Mickey Mouse shapes!)

If you want to join the fun, join the Disney Scrapbookers group on Facebook!  They just closed the bottle swap for August, but I'm sure there will be another swap soon!  Or, if you have crafty friends, you could arrange a swap with them and save on postage!

This was a lot of fun and I'm looking forward to doing more in the future!  °o°


  1. I love your enthusiasm for everything. You seem like a very positive person! Reading your blog is so enjoyable. Thanks for the smiles! Anonymous JMG

    1. Thank you so much! I'm so glad you enjoy reading it! I have good and bad days like everyone, but I try to stay positive and to surround myself with positive people. Disney is my "happy place" and it's nice to spread the fun, joy and magic to others! :-)