Sunday, August 24, 2014

Isaac's Mickey Themed 1st Birthday Party

Ahh!  It's been almost 10 days since I last posted!  It's been another busy work week with hat orders.  This weekend Eliot and I cleaned the house, got some more supplies for Happily Ever Hatter and went to Splashtown to enjoy the last of the summer weather!

We were out of town last weekend for my cousin Isaac's Mickey Mouse themed first birthday party.  Eliot and I helped my cousin Kaitlin throw the party, and we have kept ourselves busy the past few weeks with all of the party preparations.  (The party was a week ago today, so I figured it was time to get a post written for it!)

The party was so much fun!  I know Isaac enjoyed it.  Plus, the other kids had a blast! After months of planning, it all worked out.  Well, we probably could have done without the rain showers that showed up uninvited, but other than that it was perfect!

Eliot and I went to Kaitlin and David's house early so we could help out with the food and decorating.  I helped Kaitlin and my Aunt Sherrie with the remainder of the food prep (they had most of it done already) and we were ready to decorate!

We set up balloons on a few of the tables.  I twisted the paper streamers, but they ended up getting damp from the rain and started to droop.  Boo!  (Luckily, Mom and Dad arrived early so Daddy could help me tuck them up higher.)  We had another table for favors with Eliot's and my Mickey and Minnie plush, the signs I made, the Mickey party hats Kaitlin made, and the soap favors.  Finally, we all brought the food out a few minutes before everyone arrived.  We placed the food signs out and we were ready to party!

Isaac looked adorable in his Mickey birthday outfit and Happily Ever Hatter Birthday Party Ear Hat!  Everyone took plenty of pictures of him.  I'm so glad it was a success! (He wore the hat a lot longer than I thought he would!  So that's always good!)

The Mickey Bean Bag Toss Eliot made for our Disney Side Party was a great addition. At first, I don't think the kids knew what it was and that they could play with it.  But after we ate, Mom and I went over to play a few games.  After that, the kids were all over it!

The Mickey piñata I made was a big "hit"!  (Ha ha, I made a funny.)  We kept in inside until we were ready so it wouldn't get ruined by the rain.  (Also, so the kids wouldn't attack it before it was time.)  I've never made a piñata before, but it was really easy.  I'm really very proud of it!  The only downside, I did such a good job that the kids couldn't break into it.  We helped them open it up after they all got a few tries at it.  Next time, we'll use thinner cardboard (like a cereal box) instead of the thicker stuff!

Eliot's Mickey parts soaps from Snowblade Creations were also a big success!  The kids were excited to bring them home and we had enough for them all to get at least 2 packs. One of the little girls loves to wash her hands and she couldn't wait to get home to try them out.  I'm glad they liked them!

The only fail was that I completely forgot about the birthday sign I had made as a surprise for Isaac's party!  In the rush to get everything together, it completely slipped my mind! It's probably just as well since it rained.  I'm not sure where we would have attached it anyways.  If it had been sunny, it would have looked cute on the entrance to the tent, but it's ok.  I gave it to Kaitlin so she'll have it for a keepsake!

It was a great day and a wonderful celebration of Isaac turning one!  °o°

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