Monday, August 25, 2014

New Countdown Calendar

As you guys know, I love to design things in Adobe InDesign.  One of my all time favorite designs is my Mickey and Minnie monthly calendar printables.  I know how much you all appreciate me sharing them with you!

Recently, I've had a few more requests from followers: to make a portrait layout calendar and to make a bigger countdown calendar.  I decided to combine those thoughts and I've come up with a few new designs!

I started with the portrait layout calendar.  I adjusted the spacing between the dates so it would fit better on the page.  I also enlarged the header with the designs.  I added a red background to the calendar.  (It reminds me of Minnie's polka dots and Mickey's buttons.) Right now, I've only done blank calendars, but when I have more time, I'll try to see if I can convert each of the calendar months into the portrait format as well.  Then, I'll be able to include them with my monthly calendar posts at the beginning of each month!

Click here to download the Portrait Layout Blank Calendar

The second is a design for a longer countdown calendar.  One follower was looking for one that had 60 days.  I converted the portrait calendar into a larger countdown format since I could fit more days (Mickey heads) on the portrait layout.  The result is a one sheet blank "countdown calendar".  Since everyone's Disney trip countdown is different, you'll have to fill in the calendar and countdown for your trip!  (See example below.)

Click here to download the Extended Countdown Calendar

There's nothing I love more than being one day closer to a Disney trip!  (Except for being there in person!)  Now that I know when I'm going on my next Disney trip, I'll actually be able to use my own countdown calendars!  Here's the countdown calendar I designed myself for my upcoming trip to WDW for KeyCon in October!  (Only 45 more days!!!)

I used my software to fill in the calendar dates going backwards from the Thursday I'm leaving.  Then, I changed the colors of the Mickey shapes to correspond with each month.  Next, I added the countdown numbers in the center of each Mickey.  The single digit countdown days are larger than the rest!  (I love when I get to single digits!!!!)  I added a little note on the day I'm leaving.  Finally, I finished the calendar with a few Mickey Mouse fireworks on the extra two days of the calendar.  I wanted something a little different for the days that I'd be at Walt Disney World!

And there you have it!  I hope you enjoy this new portrait layout calendar and larger format Disney Trip countdown!  Please feel free to share this link so that others can join our Disney countdown fun!  Enjoy Disney friends!!!  °o°


  1. What do i do to get mine to look like yours, with the red mouse ears and numbers on them?

    1. Hello! I used my file in InDesign to create the different colors and add the numbers. I'm not sure if there's a way for you to modify the PDF files or not. I'm sorry I couldn't be of more help!

  2. Do you have a 2016 version?

    1. I have a horizontal version of the January 2016 calendar that you can download here: