Friday, August 8, 2014

DIY: Gingerbread Mickey Christmas Cards

Hi Friends!  As promised, here is the tutorial for the Gingerbread Mickey Christmas Cards that I made for the Christmas in July Card Swap!

Brown, Green, Red and Striped Cardstock (scrapbook paper)
White Cardstock, Paper or Cereal Box (for making a template)
Paper Cutter
White Ink Pen
Red Pen or Marker
Brown Pen or Marker
Mickey Mouse Hole Punch
Double Sided Tape

Steps to Make Gingerbread Mickey Christmas Cards:

1.) Sketch the template
Take your white cardstock (or cereal box/paper) and make a Mickey Mouse gingerbread man template.  I used a few photos of Mickey and Minnie gingerbread merchandise from Toyko Disney that I found on Pinterest.  (Top left photo found here.  Bottom photo found here.)  I used the photos as a guideline for creating my shape.

2.) Trace and cut gingerbread Mickeys out
Once you are happy with your gingerbread Mickey, cut the template out.  Use the template to trace gingerbread men out on your brown cardstock.  I used a pencil to trace on the smooth side of my cardstock.  I wanted the rough side to be the gingerbread. When you're done tracing, cut out all of your gingerbread men.

3.) Make the cards
Cut your cards out of green cardstock using your paper cutter.  The cards can be any size you wish, just remember that they have to fit into an envelope!  I made my cards 4x6 inches.  (I cut the paper into 6" x 8" sections and folded them in half.)  Next, cut your striped paper so it's a little bit smaller than the 4x6 inch size.  I cut mine about 1/4" smaller so there would be a small border around the edge.

4.) Decorate the Mickeys
Next, you have to decorate your gingerbread men with "icing".  Trace the outline of your Mickey with your white pen.  Then add a few squiggly lines at his arms and feet.  (See photos above.)  Finally, add a little bit of white "icing" to his ears.  Use your red pen to make buttons and your brown pen for his face.  (You can decorate him more!)

Note: I originally attempted to use puffy paints to create a 3D icing look.  (Photo below.)  It turned out really cute, but it was time consuming and very messy.  It was too easy to smudge them.  Since I had so many to do, I abandoned this idea and went to the store to buy a white ink pen instead.

5.) Put Card Together
Once you have all of the pieces for your cards cut out, you can put them together.  I did this step after decorating my gingerbread Mickeys to make sure the ink dried all the way. Use the double sided tape to attach the striped paper to your cards.  (You can also add some white cardstock to the inside of the card if you'd like to make space for writing a message.)  Once your gingerbread Mickeys are dry, use the double sided tape to attach them to the front of the card.

6.) Add Embellishments
Finally, make the card pop with some embellishments!  I punched out red Mickeys and used glue to attach them to the inside of the card.  (I thought it needed a little more color on the inside.)  You can add anything you'd like: ribbon, glitter, stickers, stamps, etc.

Once everything is glued down and dry, you're done!  Enjoy your Christmas cards!!!  °o°