Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Saturday Shopping Trip

Hi friends!  I wanted to write a follow up to my post about the Disney Store keys.  As I said last Friday, Eliot and I had planned to drive down to Massachusetts to meet up with my brother Jeremy to get the Toy Story keys.  So, early this past Saturday we left Maine and started the 2 hour journey down to meet Jeremy at the Disney Store in the Burlington Mall to get our Toy Story Keys.

We arrived at the mall around 9:10 which was about the time that we'd planned to.  By the time parked and walked up to the Disney Store's location, it was about 9:15 and there were about 30 or so people in line.  Jeremy had arrived a little before us so we joined him in line.  (There were only about 7 people behind him so I didn't feel bad about joining the line and cutting them.  We were all going to get our keys.)

Eliot, Jeremy and I all chatted while we waited.  At about 9:45, the Disney Store employees came out and went through the line to ask if we wanted keys or the Toy Story Shufflerz toys you could get for free with your $10 purchase.  The employees had samples of the toys for people in line to look at.  (Of course, we still all picked the keys anyways, but it was nice for people interested in those.)  We were handed papers for 23, 24, and 25 in the key line.  Clearly, most people were there for the keys!

The employees actually let us into the store a few minutes early at 9:54.  Eliot, Jeremy and I split up to look for what we wanted to get.  Thankfully, since the store handed out numbers, we were guaranteed a key so we didn't have to grab the first thing we saw and run to the register.  After taking a few minutes to explore, the boys ended up coming back over to me... I didn't make it very far since I got sucked into the front left corner of the store where all of the newly released merchandise was located.

We all eventually figured out what made sense for each of us to buy.  Then, we wandered around the rest of the store.  I always enjoy looking at the dolls, princess dresses and the play sets.  I wish they made this stuff when I was a kid!  Finally, we made our way to the registers which surprisingly weren't that busy.

Jeremy bought the Forky mug and spoon set that I liked.  Forky has arms so he can hold on to the side of the mug!  I can't wait to make hot chocolate with him this winter.

Eliot purchased the Pixar Luxo Ball plush pillows that we both fell in love with.  While in the store, I checked to see if they were available online and they weren't so we got the two we wanted just in case.  I hope they make them available to purchase online because the store sold out except for one!  They were really popular that morning!

I bought two new tank tops for myself since they were buy one get one half off.  I don't have that many Disney tank tops so it seemed like a good purchase.  Plus, Jeremy and I loved watching Rescue Rangers as kids and I hardly ever find merchandise for it!

After we checked out, Eliot took our stuff to the car and Jeremy went to Game Stop.  I wandered around the Disney Store for a few more minutes looking at all of the new Descendants merchandise that I'd somehow missed before.  A few minutes later, we all met back up at the Lego Store.

I should probably preface this by saying that I love Legos.  Jeremy and I used to get them when we were younger and I loved putting them together.  Unfortunately, when I was a kid they were very limited on the number of sets they made for girls.  Today, there are so many more options and sets that I love: Disney, Disney Princess, Star Wars, Harry Potter and the architecture sets.

The three of us were there for quite awhile drooling over the sets.  I took pictures of so much of it.  Eliot and I used to go to the store often when we lived outside of Boston before we moved up to Maine.  He always loved the larger sets too.  I figured it was a good idea to keep in mind for our Christmas wish lists.  Legos never go out of style.

At some point, the boys got sucked into looking at the new Disney Lego Series 2 Minifigure blind bags.  Jeremy is a master at figuring out what's in those stupid blind bags.  He collects the Disney figure key chains and he's a whiz at finding the ones he needs.  Eliot and Jeremy must have stood there for 20 minutes feeling the bags and figuring out what figures they thought were inside.  I wanted another Steamboat Mickey and Minnie even though we got some with the Steamboat Willie set we already had at home.  (One set will live on the boat while the new ones will live on my vanity.)  Eliot eventually took 10 of the packages they found to the register to purchase.

Next, we went over to the Build-A-Bear.  I wanted to see the new Lion King plush in person and while they were cute, I wasn't planning to buy anything there.  I also wanted to look at what they had for outfits.  Before I knew it, Eliot found the Pokemon plush he needed... and there were two Bowsers in the clearance box.  The next thing I know, the guys are both in line to get their Bowsers and Eliot's Pokemon filled with stuffing.  I browsed while they stood in line.  We left the store with the three plush and a piranha plant plush for Jeremy to add to his Super Mario bears.

Our last stop at the mall was to Newbury Comics.  Eliot and I always go check out the Funko Pop Vinyls but we don't usually get any unless they're on sale.  The store runs good sales on them pretty frequently.  We didn't purchase anything there, but it was fun to browse.  Plus, our local store has more Disney Pops anyways!

Our next mission was to go to the Cheesecake Factory.  The one at the Burlington Mall is the closest one to us - which really stinks.  I love the Cheesecake Factory and used to go every few months when I was in college.  We decided that we'd move our cars over to that side of the mall.  Once we got parked, Eliot and I decided to open the Lego figures.  The boys did a pretty good job; we got most of the ones they expected.  The only down side was that we ended up with duplicates of Dale and Elsa, but there was a Steamboat Minnie Mouse in there just like they expected!!!  Yay!!!

Next, we enjoyed our lunch at the Cheesecake Factory.  It had opened about thirty minutes before we got there so it wasn't busy.  Eliot and I both got appetizers since we weren't too hungry and Jeremy got a burger.  I was so excited for my Thai Chicken Lettuce Wraps.  I always get them and I haven't had them in so long!!!

While enjoying our meal, we talked about upcoming Disney movies and the live action films.  I was glad we got to spend some time with Jeremy since we didn't see him for very long over the 4th of July weekend.  Jeremy and I both got some cheesecake to go before heading back to our cars.  Jeremy decided he wasn't going to follow us to the other Disney Store so we said our goodbyes in the parking lot of the mall.

Then, Eliot and I started the drive back up to Maine through Nashua so we could make a few stops.  First, we went to the ACMoore to grab a few supplies that we needed for Happily Ever Hatter.  Then, we headed over to Hobby Lobby because I wanted to take a quick peek at their decorative Disney signs.  There was actually a Pure Hockey store next door so Eliot went there before meeting me in Hobby Lobby.  We got a few ideas for some home decor before we got back on the road.

Our final planned stop on our shopping trip was the Disney Store at the Merrimack Outlets.  At this point, we didn't have anything we were looking for, we just figured we'd swing by to check it out.  I ended up finding the rest of the cupcakes that I needed to complete my collection of the ones I bought in Nashville.  After purchasing those, I drove us back to Maine.  We made a quick stop at Eliot's work and the grocery store before heading home.  I was so tired that Eliot had to drive the rest of the way home.

By the time Eliot and I finally got home, we'd been gone for exactly 12 hours.  (We left at 7:18 am and we pulled back into our driveway at 7:18 pm... how weird is that?!?)  I was exhausted and could barely get myself into the house before I crashed.  However, we'd had a great day!  We also found some fun things and we were glad we got to spend some time with Jeremy!  I'd call our Saturday Shopping Trip a success!!!  °o°

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