Tuesday, July 23, 2019

The Heatwave Sensation Sweeping the Nation

Hello!  I hope you're having a wonderful week!  I'm having a much more enjoyable time today as it's finally cooled back down to a comfortable temperature.  Unfortunately, we were part of the incredibly uncomfortable heat wave that swept across one third of the country the past few days.  As many of you probably experienced, temperatures were almost unbearable at times.  Even here in Maine we weren't immune.  It hasn't been all bad though!  Eliot and I have still been able to get a few things done the past week.

Mid-last week was quite pleasant.  Disneyland's 64th birthday was last Wednesday and it was also World Emoji Day!  I celebrated both occasions by finally re-starting my Disney Emoji Blitz game.  I haven't played since before we went to Walt Disney World in back in January of this year.  I stopped playing during our trip and I've been so busy that I didn't bother playing it for the past six months.

I thought it was appropriate to start playing it again on World Emoji Day.  There was also a free emoji power up available that I wanted to get.  Then, I also got a bunch of Collection Prizes for new groups that were added since I'd last played.  I got a ton of prizes.  Then, I decided to play for a little bit.  I was a bit rusty, but it was nice to play again!  I enjoy taking breaks to play a few rounds throughout the day.

I continued my regular work week working on mouse ears, cleaning the house and watching a movie here and there.  The heatwave started to creep in on Friday with comfortable temperatures but high humidity.  I could feel the moisture in the air even while inside the house.  I didn't do too much but by Friday night I didn't feel right.  I ended up laying on the couch resting all evening while Eliot was at a friend from work's house for a pool party.  Freeform had been showing all five of the Twilight movies last week so I'd DVR-ed them and I spent Friday night watching the final two movies.

Then, Saturday and Sunday were both almost unbearable for me.  Eliot and I left our air conditioners running (even through the night) all weekend but they still couldn't beat the humidity.  The air conditioners made the living/dining room, kitchen and bedroom bearable though.  I spent the entire weekend in one of the rooms that were "cool".  The rest of the house was like walking through an oven.  We both drank a ton of water.  We tried to power ourselves through it; we still didn't get too much done though.  I tried to give myself a boost by having a "cook-in" and making myself burgers and potato salad but I think trying to cook only made it worse.  By Saturday night, I wasn't feeling well again and I spent the entire night on the couch until it was time for bed.

After feeling like we got nothing accomplished on Saturday, I wanted to do something Sunday.  Eliot and I decided to spend the middle part of the day in the basement where it was naturally cool.  Half of our basement is finished but we've been using it to store a lot of our containers that we haven't unpacked since moving.  Over the past few years, they've been stacked haphazardly throughout the room so we went through and organized them.  By the time we called it quits, I felt like we'd made a pretty good dent in the basement.  I'd even cleared off one of the shelves on our built-in bookcase so I could organize the children's books that I found in one container.

Sunday night the weather finally broke and we were happy to usher in the cool night air.  Eliot and I opened windows in a few of the rooms upstairs.  It was nice to get the hot air out of the house.  Thankfully the heatwave is over now!

Yesterday was in the mid-70's here, and it rained on and off all day.  I spent most of the afternoon upstairs in our master bedroom organizing.  We're really trying to focus on getting the master bedroom organized and finished so I spent about three hours poking through stuff and making a list of where I plan to move everything.  (We have a few more storage units that we're planning to purchase in the next few weeks so I wanted to have a plan of attack.)

I also finally tackled our 3D mouse ear collection.  Since we make them, not only do we have ears that we've personally made for ourselves, but we have more than usual because we also have samples.  (Ok, so maybe the "samples" are just a fancy excuse to have a ka-jillion mouse ears... don't judge me.)  Regardless, we have a lot and I finally organized them into two storage chests.  One of them is completely full and the other one will be once I put the Halloween ears back into them.  (During my stacking frenzy, I set those ones aside so I can take some more seasonal photos for our social media accounts.)  I'm thrilled to have them organized!  No more reusable bags filled with mouse ears!  I've also got about 40 more that are in various stages of production- I think we're going to need to buy another one of those storage chests...

Eliot and I haven't had the most productive week, but I do feel like I accomplished something.  I have a plan for the master bedroom.  The containers in our basement are a lot more organized than they were before.  The mouse ears are organized.  I even started playing my favorite game on my phone again!  Hopefully the weather stays at a temperature where it's manageable with our air conditioners.  I'd really love to get a few more things done around the house!  °o°

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