Thursday, July 25, 2019

Very Merry News

Merry Christmas in July everyone!!!  It is indeed a very merry day here as I share some exciting news!!!  Eliot and I are going to have a fun-filled, Disney magic infused, pixie dust sprinkled holiday season this year and things are finally all coming together!!!

This year, we will be able to celebrate multiple times in many ways as Eliot and I are heading to our favorite place not once, but twice during the holiday season!!!  Between taking a family vacation with his family and other trip with my family, we will be at Walt Disney World twice during the holiday season.  We will also be on not one, but two back-to-back Very Merrytime Disney Cruises!!!  And, if that wasn't enough magical holiday fun, we will also be going to Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party!!!

The fun kicks off with a trip to Walt Disney World the week of Thanksgiving.  Eliot's parents decided to upgrade their tickets to annual passes while we were at Princess Half Marathon weekend.  They needed to go on another trip in order to make them worth the cost.  A few weeks ago, we got an email to let us know they got a timeshare for the week of Thanksgiving and that we were all invited.  Flash forward to now, and all 4 of us kids (Eliot, me, Sara and Elissa) are all going.  We have our flights booked and we're even bringing Heather (Elissa's best friend from college) along for the fun!

After that, Eliot and I will return to Maine (for a whopping four whole days) before we take off for Florida once again!  We will be going to Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party (aka MVMCP) before we take off on our first Very Merrytime Disney Cruise.  And, if that wasn't exciting enough- we're going to pack more fun in before the cruise... 

Santa knows that I've been a very good girl, and the hockey gods were smiling down upon us.  The San Jose Sharks away games in Florida are both the weekend before Eliot's and my cruise.  I can't make this stuff up.  They're in Tampa on Saturday and Florida on Sunday.  Our cruise leaves Monday.  We're flying down to Florida on Friday, so we'll be able to attend the MVMCP and both hockey games before we go on our cruise.  It worked out perfectly.  Faith, trust and a little bit of pixie dust happening here.

Then, we'll be on our back-to-back Very Merrytime Disney Cruises.  Eliot and I are going on a 4 night cruise just the two of us.  Then, my parents, brother Jeremy and (god-willing) my Nana will be joining us for the three night cruise that follows our first one.  We all really enjoyed the Halloween on the High Seas Disney Cruise we took back in 2016 and since then I've insisted that we try to take a family Christmas cruise together.  We're all really excited for it and I can't wait to see the holiday decorations!!!

After the cruise, we'll return to Walt Disney World.  The plan is that Eliot will be staying with us until his flight leaves that Monday night.  (He and I have a lot of other things planned so he didn't want to use extra vacation days.)  I'll be staying with my family for a few extra days so they can attend their first MVMCP on Tuesday night.  Then, Mom, Dad and Nana will start the drive north Wednesday morning and Jeremy and I will fly back to New England (to Maine and New Hampshire) sometime Wednesday night!

Then, about a week later, it will actually be Christmas Day!  I'm sure it'll be a complete whirlwind from Thanksgiving to Christmas but I am so excited!  The holiday season at Disney is my most favorite time to visit the parks.  I love the decorations and it always feels so much more magical!  I can't wait to be able to celebrate the holidays with both Eliot's and my families at our favorite magical place!!!  °o°

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