Friday, July 26, 2019

Very Merry Announcements

Yesterday, I told you about our exciting Disney Magic filled holiday season coming later on this year!  I'm so excited for all of the Christmas fun we'll be having... and if that wasn't enough to get me singing carols in the middle of summer, yesterday Disney had a few more surprises in store for us as a Christmas in July treat!

The fun started when the Disney Parks Blog announced that there will be holiday themed overlays at the Magic Kingdom for the first time!  The Tomorrowland Speedway will have "lights and stylized decor".  The Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor will have a special show during Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party and both Space Mountain and Mad Tea Party will have holiday music and lights.  The Magic Kingdom will also debut Minnie's Wonderful Christmastime Fireworks show!  It sounds like Santa's got all sorts of magical Disney Christmas treats in his sleigh for the holidays!!!

Then, things only got better after that announcement.  Yesterday, Disney also held their Christmas in July event where they show a preview of the holiday stuff coming to Disney Parks.  They had cast members there to talk about the new experiences, foods, events and more coming this holiday season.  

Naturally, this also included a display of their new holiday merchandise.  As many of my long-time readers already know, Disney's holiday merchandise is definitely my kryptonite- the biggest weakness in my life.  Disney + holidays + merchandise = Melissa's wallet hiding and shaking in absolute fear.  Admitting my holiday "merch" weakness was even one of my first posts back when I stared my blog in 2013.

Yesterday, a lot of the Disney pages I follow on Facebook were posting live videos from the Christmas in July preview event.  I was originally going to post about this along with my announcement, but I decided to wait hoping that someone would post their findings on Youtube so I could link over to it so you could see it all too!

Thankfully, I was able to find a few videos for you to see!  They both show the same merchandise but you need to see both to fully see the display.  The best part- this is only a small sample of the stuff that will be available!

There's so much good stuff this year!  I've never been more impressed with Disney's merchandise selection than I have been over the past few months.  Seriously.  All of this holiday stuff is the icing on the cake.  (But not for my wallet... he went into hiding the moment he heard my girlish squeal while watching the video.)  I'm starting a piggy bank today because I'm pretty sure all of the following are coming to live with me.  

There are Peppermint Mickey and Gingerbread Mickey plush pillows!  I've been waiting what seems like for-ev-er for Disney to bring Gingerbread Mickey to the US!  (Japan has had him, Minnie and friends for years.)  I literally had to beg Eliot to make me a gingerbread ear design just so I could get a small fill of him.  He's so cute!  (Also, shameless plug for our Gingerbread ears that will match this new merch perfectly!)

There are plenty of new accessories that I will most definitely be getting.  There are two new Loungefly mini backpacks- a Santa Mickey and an overall Disney Christmas Treat print.  There's also a Festival of the Holidays ornament purse with Chip and Dale on it!  There are two new Alex and Ani bracelets.  There are three new mouse ears... which are all adorable and will probably be coming home with me.  (That's saying a lot considering I make ears and rarely purchase park designs!)  There's also a snowman baseball hat wearing a Mickey ear hat!  It's possibly the cutest thing I've ever seen.

There are also new Magicbands, figures, plush, leggings and there are Spirit Jerseys.


Guys... there are (wait for it...) four new Christmas Spirit Jerseys.  Four.  And they're all absolutely adorable.  There's holiday treats, peppermint Mickey, Chip and Dale for Festival of the Holidays and even a special one that's exclusive to MVMCP.  I want them all so I can live in them every single day this holiday season.  And since they're all $69.99... I will most definitely be using that piggy bank that I mentioned earlier.

Between our magically merry holiday plans and this news from Disney, I am definitely excited for this holiday season!!!  Now, if anyone needs me, I'll be singing Christmas carols while I go check the couch for spare change to feed my piggy bank... °o°

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  1. I love your enthusiasm!! (from Portland ME)