Friday, May 8, 2020

Fun Find: Magical Quarantine Memes (Part 7)

Happy Friday Everyone!!!  It's that time again... time for another round of Magical Quarantine Memes!  Here's the quick backstory about this series: I've seen a lot of funny memes on Facebook while scrolling through my newsfeed.  These past few weeks have been rough, so I started to save the memes that made me laugh.  Then, I decided to share them on here to bring a bit of joy to everyone.  

If you missed the others, here's Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5 and Part 6.

This week, I've gathered all of the more adult memes I've seen.  Some of them are a bit intense and have swear words.  These ones aren't meant for kids... 

I'm sure there are plenty of parents feeling this one right about now... 

We're into the third month of this... it's time for a new hobby!

Eliot and I haven't watched any Tiger King, but it seems to be pretty popular.

I don't even know who Carole Baskin is... but from what I hear, we shouldn't like her.

I don't even know what's going on with this show but I still feel bad for Tigger.  And don't even get me started on Pooh.  This is what nightmares are made of:

This is a quarantine movie series that I can get behind.  Captain Jack Sparrow all day.

This is slightly disturbing.  Plus, Donald is Eliot's favorite... he doesn't need to see this.

"The human world... it's a mess!" -Sebastian

This made me literally laugh out loud.  Poor Piglet!!!  Haha!

I need to socially distance from the fridge.  I'm currently going the Fat Thor route...

It's amazing to me how many Disney fans didn't already know this before COVID-19.

Haha!  Not going to lie, this crossed my mind before I did the responsible adult thing.

The quarantine police are out in full force the past few weeks.

At this point, this is too accurate.  I'm going to start singing this version.

I've saved another favorite for last; not surprisingly, it's a song!!!  Hakuna mo' vokda!!!

I hope you enjoyed this adult round of magical memes.  I still have a lot more so Part 8 of my Magical Quarantine Memes series will be coming next Friday!  In the meantime, take care of yourselves and enjoy your weekend!!!  °o°

Please Note: I did not make any of these memes and I don't claim ownership of the photos or the jokes.  Most of them I've seen uncredited on Facebook from other people who have shared them.  I just wanted to put them all in one spot so we might try to find some humor in a dark time when we could use a smile.

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