Monday, May 18, 2020

New Product Alert: Spaceship Earth Monorail Business Card Holders

Spaceship Earth Sunday meets Monorail Monday.  Today I'm sharing about a few new products that Eliot and I just released on Snowblade Creations over the weekend!

It's been two weeks since we first debuted our two Spaceship Earth Desk Sets.  We've gotten rave reviews from lots of people and Eliot and I have been absolutely floored by the desk set sales for his Snowblade Creations shop as well.

This weekend, we added two Spaceship Earth Monorail Business Card Holders to the shop.  I've had this idea in mind since Eliot first made the Spaceship Earth card holder designs a few months ago.  These have gone through a few drafts, but Eliot and I are really happy with the final result.  The monorail on front really pops against the silver!

We've made a monorail option for both the Mickey and round versions of the business card holder design.  They'll work perfectly with the rest of our Spaceship Earth desk set products.  The best part is that you can choose your monorail stripe color!  Like our Monorail Ears for Happily Ever Hatter, you can also personalize your design with all 14 colors of the Walt Disney World monorail system.

This is still just the beginning!  We've got a few more desk sets that will debuting in a the upcoming weeks.  (Eliot's currently up to his elbows printing samples and I'm crazy busy setting up new listings!)  We'll be rolling these out in Snowblade Creations over the next few weeks.  Plus, there will be many more items coming this summer!  Keep your eyes peeled on here and I'll let you know when they become available! °o°

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