Tuesday, May 19, 2020

I've Got A Dream, In Quarantine

Happy Tangled Tuesday!!!  It's official... I think I've snapped.  Eliot was starting to think this a few weeks ago when I started laughing hysterically about something silly that he asked me.  (It shouldn't have been that funny.)  After today, I concur with his analysis.

Ever since quarantine started, I haven't been able to stop thinking of the similarities to our current situation with my favorite Disney Princess.  She's locked away far from everyone in a tower and she finds tons of activities to do to keep herself busy.  This has Rapunzel written all over it.  Add that to the fact that Rapunzel is the Princess of the Kingdom of Corona, and you've got a pretty weird coincidence.

I've always felt a kinship to Rapunzel and I think that's why she's my favorite Disney Princess.  Of all the Disney Princesses, Rapunzel is the creative one.  I've always admired Belle for her love of books.  After many years with no princess that looked like me, Merida was revealed and she has the same hair as me- in both color and the wild unruly curls.  There's something about each Disney Princess that resonates with me, but Rapunzel is the one who perfectly captures my creative side.  I've also always identified with Rapunzel's sense of wonder and how she always has a dream.

Thus, I tend to keep my eye out for Rapunzel merchandise.  In the past, it hasn't been easy to find many Rapunzel things for adults.  I've usually been able to find items on eBay from Japan, but it's taken a while for brands to realize her popularity here in the US.  Recently, there have been more Rapunzel items available, and they tend to sell out quickly.  With the movie Tangled's 10th anniversary milestone coming later this year, I'm expecting more items to be available between now and November.

A few weeks ago, I stumbled across a shirt on Hot Topic.  At the time, it didn't jump right out at me so I kind of tucked it in the back of my mind.  Once it was apparent that we were going to be staying at home for a while, I knew this shirt had to be mine.  It's perfect for our current situation.  I love the postcard design and how it says "Greetings from Corona" and "find your dream".  It really spoke to me.  

In fact, I loved the shirt so much that I decided to make it my inspiration for another fake holiday by having a Rapunzel inspired day filled with some of the same activities she does including: chores, laundry, reading, painting, cooking, stretching, baking and sketching!  I figured it was the perfect way to spend the day other than sitting here wondering, and wandering, and wondering, when will my life begin?

Throughout the day, I sprinkled in the usual chores like emptying the dishwasher and loading it, tidying up a bit and doing some laundry.  It seems like these are never ending.  I wish I was more like Rapunzel and could do all of my chores first to get them done and over with, but that never seems to work out!  I feel like I've never washed so many dishes in my life... must be all that quarantine cooking!

Speaking of cooking, that's another one of Rapunzel's tasks.  Unfortunately, we're running out of groceries so instead of cooking a yummy meal, I had to make due with whatever I could find.  Eliot and I are going grocery shopping in the next few days, so I decided it was best to use up what I had.  Thus, lunch was a ham and cheese omelette made with my last three eggs, shredded cheese and the last few pieces of deli ham.

In the afternoon and early evening, I did some of the fun and creative things.  I didn't sew a dress, but I did try on three of my new dresses- appropriately my Her Universe Rapunzel Tangled dress was first!  Next, I tried on my Pixar Lamp & Ball and Ink & Paint Disney Dress Shop dresses.  I love these dresses and I am hoping to get some dress patterns to make my own dresses like them!  Then, I tried on a few other items.

After, I went back downstairs and decided to work on an art project.  I've been wanting to start painting a large 3D printed Bruni that Eliot made me a few weeks ago.  I've got two of them in this size, so I definitely wanted to paint one of them.  Once I see how he turns out, I might paint the other.  I'm planning to put one of them on my vanity in our bedroom and the other in my office.  It would have been more appropriate if it was a Pascal, but I like to think that Pascal and Bruni are both friends!

I also wanted to work on some new designs for Snowblade Creations.  We're working on finishing a few more collections to release soon.  I decided to sketch out a product concept ideas for Eliot so he's able to work on designing them when he has a chance!

If Rapunzel was locked away in her tower now, I'm sure she'd add online shopping to her to do list.  Today, I bought a few things in her honor as I purchased Rapunzel inspired face masks from Attractioneering Trading Company.  I saw these the other day and I fell in love with the Tangled sun and leaf motif on both.  I'm a fan of the artist Hollie Ballard (aka jammyjimjams on Instagram) and I'm really excited that she partnered with Attractioneering Trading Company to make these cute masks.  The Bruni and Frozen ones were just released the other day, so I'm glad that I waited and was able to pre-order them all at once!  I also caved and bought the matching mug!

Photo Source
I hopped on Disney+ to watch Tangled and then YouTube to watch the Tangled Ever After short sequel.  I've also wanted to watch all of the Rapunze's Tangled Adventures tv shows.  I've seen the first season, but I missed the second and third.  I'd love to watch them all in order at some point, but those will have to wait for another day!

For our Happily Ever Hatter Instagram post, I took inspiration from my fake holiday and I posted a photo of me at the Tangled restrooms in Fantasyland.  It's my favorite little section of the Magic Kingdom, other than Cinderella Castle.  I love Rapunzel's Tower, the waterfall, the painting in the women's restroom and the details in this section.  I only wish it was bigger!  Eliot and I also love the lantern photo op at nighttime!

This evening, I grabbed a book off of my shelf.  Most of my books are still packed up from when we moved into our house 4 years ago.  However, I had a few of them out on my book shelf- mostly my boxed sets.  I watched the Hunger Games movies a few weeks ago and I really wanted to reread the books since it's been a few years.  Plus, today was the perfect day to start since the 4th book, "The Ballard of Songbirds and Snakes" was released today!  I haven't bought it yet, but I'm might try to see if it's at Walmart or Target the next time I go!  I'm hoping to read a few chapters each day.

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Before heading to bed, I baked cookies as a bedtime snack.  It wasn't anything fancy; I had some pre-made cookie dough in the fridge that I needed to use before it expired.  I miss baking from scratch, but baking supplies are hard to find right now.  Hopefully, I'll be able to get my hands on stuff soon... I'd love to make some yummy treats!

After enjoying a few cookies, Eliot and I headed upstairs and I stretched my legs, arms, and back before getting into bed.  I don't stretch as often as I should so I made sure to take a leaf from Rapunzel's book.  I've been trying to be more aware of my shoulder and neck muscles since realizing my migraine headaches were from tension/stress.

Finally, I'm ending my Tangled Tuesday celebration with the inspiration that started it all.  All of my self-made holidays seem to have a quarantine theme song attached to them.  Quarantine-O-Ween had my quarantine rendition of "This is Halloween".  My Very Merry Quarantime day had a social distanced variation of "We Wish You A Merry Christmas".  Today, I'm adding to my Quarantine Jams with my new quarantine themed version of "I've Got a Dream" from Tangled... feel free to sing-along!

I've got a dream, In Quarantine,

I just want to go outside and to be seen!
And with every passing minute,
I wonder how long we'll be in it,
Like all you lovely folks, in quarantine...
Yes, way down deep inside, I've got a dream!!!

I enjoyed my Rapunzel and Tangled celebration!  I might do it again in a few weeks... with less chores and more creativity!  I hope you enjoyed following along.  Sending love from my tower to yours!!!  I hope you have a wonderful week!  °o°

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