Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Port Canaveral is Magical

Earlier today, I was pleasantly surprised by a rare bit of magic.  While mindlessly scrolling through my newsfeed on Facebook, one of my friends posted a photo that made me stop in my tracks.  It was a rare gift of magic indeed as the Disney Dream, Disney Fantasy and the Disney Magic were all together in port at Port Canaveral!!!

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Disney Cruise ships are rarely seen together.  Because of their busy itineraries all over the world, the ships are not usually in the same locations at the same time.  Disney has their cruise ships scheduled to disembark/embark on different days from their shared Port Canaveral terminal.  Castaway Cay only accommodates one ship at a time.  I've heard reports of people seeing two of them at the same time in a destination port, but I've never heard of three Disney Cruise Line ships in one place together.

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Port Canaveral has a webcam you can view online and you can watch all three ships live on there.  It's not crazy exciting as all three of them are out of commission from their scheduled itineraries.  However, I still find it relaxing to watch the scene.  As I've been watching, I've seen small boats passing through the frame.  Then, every once in a while, you'll see a bird fly by.  I've been popping on and off to watch all afternoon.  I keep hoping that I'll be really lucky and see a dolphin, but I haven't seen one yet!

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If you watch the video with the sound on, you can hear something in the background that sounds like construction or some sort of machinery.  Port Canaveral has always struck me as a mix of hustle and bustle and complete relaxation.   On the one hand, it's a busy port with lots of construction and loading and unloading of guests and cargo on ships.  It also has retail shops, restaurants, charter boats and other businesses.  But on the other hand, it's where many people go to truly escape it all.

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Even watching the live webcam brings back a lot of good memories.  I can see the bridge and ramp in the background behind the Fantasy.  I remember the three times I've been over that bridge and the feeling when you see your Disney ship for the first time.  I remember the excitement building when you pull into the terminal.  Then, going up the escalator and heading to check in.  Seeing the little ship model and enjoying looking at it while waiting for your turn to board the ship.  I remember walking across the gang plank and stepping onto the ship.  And I remember the pure excitement (and it bubbling over into uncontrollable glee) when the cast members announce your arrival and suddenly you're standing in the middle of the ship's beautiful atrium.  It's magical.

I've been on four cruises with Mickey (so far!) and they are the most relaxing thing I've ever experienced.  It's probably mostly because I've skipped out on the wifi service all four times and it's the only time Eliot, myself and my family have ever truly unplugged from everything.  It's a wonderful escape from the real world... plus it's with Disney.

All four times I've been on the Disney Dream for a three or four night voyage.  I've cruised with Mickey in fall of 2016, September of 2019, and back-to-back in December of 2019.  I have been lucky enough to celebrate Halloween on the High Seas twice, and loved both Very Merrytime Cruises we went on this past December.  The ships are magical to begin with, but celebrating the holidays on them takes it up to another level.

I've also been on Castaway Cay four times and it's the most amazing place.  Serenity Bay, the adult only beach on Castaway Cay, is what I picture when I'm in need of a relaxing moment.  I close my eyes and picture the white sand, beautiful turquoise blue waters, and the beach chairs.  Then, I imagine being surrounded by the warm water with little fish swimming at my feet while a soft breeze blows around me.  It's heaven.

While I'm very sad that we won't be able to experience any cruises with Mickey, or any days at Castaway Cay in the foreseeable future, I still dream of the day when we'll go on our next pixie dust sprinkled sea adventure!  What a beautiful day it will be when I arrive in Port Canaveral to board one of these magnificent ships for my next voyage!

Port Canaveral is the gateway to relaxation and fun.  It might just be a port to some people, but for me (and many other Disney Cruise fans) it's truly magical.  °o°

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