Friday, May 1, 2020

Fun Find: Magical Quarantine Memes (Part 6)

Happy May!  We've survived another month!!!  I don't know about you, but for me April flew right by.  I don't know if it's that I'm just getting used to this, or if it's because I've avoided the news like the plague... because it's basically only about the COVID-19 plague.  Anyways, today, I'm back with more of my Magical Quarantine Memes!  Quick backstory: I've seen a lot of funny memes on Facebook while scrolling through my newsfeed.  These past few weeks have been rough, so I started to save the memes that made me laugh.  Then, I decided to share them to bring a bit of joy to everyone.  

If you missed the others, here's Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4 and Part 5!  For Part 6, I've gathered a bunch of Disney theme park related memes.  Ok, let's do this!

Shout out to the awesome cast members who make the magic happen!!!

Going to Disney, eating at Disney and shopping at Disney... Disney is my hobby.

How Disney Springs and Disney Resort cast members probably felt at first:

Eliot would love this... except I don't do California Screamin' or the Incredicoaster.

Here's another hand washing song.  There's a great, big beautiful tomorrow... 

Check on your Disney friends.  Some of us are not ok.

I still think the Disney ducks and Disneyland cats are the big winners in all of this.

I wonder if Mickey misses me too?

Disney is pretty essential.

This will be a beautiful day.

Is this an option?

We miss you Mickey and Minnie!!!  I hope you're enjoying your break!

Admit it, you'd willingly stand in line too.

When it feels like everything is cancelled, remember that there's hope.

Alright, admit it.  Who's doing this when Disney finally opens back up?

Current mood.

Walt quotes always make me feel better.

This does need to be a little more specific.

I really miss my Disney pals...

I've saved another one of my favorites for last.  Of course, it's about another song!!!

I hope you enjoyed these theme park magical memes.  I still have many more saved so Part 7 of my Magical Quarantine Memes series will be coming next Friday!  In the meantime, take care of yourselves and enjoy your weekend!!!  °o°

Please Note: I did not make any of these memes and I don't claim ownership of the photos or the jokes.  Most of them I've seen uncredited on Facebook from other people who have shared them.  I just wanted to put them all in one spot so we might try to find some humor in a dark time when we could use a smile.

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