Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Things To Do While Under Quarantine: A Compilation of My Ideas

It's hard to believe, but we've almost gotten through another month.  I was afraid that April would drag on forever like March did, but it actually didn't for me.  I kept myself very busy this month, often feeling like there wasn't enough time in the day for me to accomplish my tasks.  I feel like Rapunzel trying to do many things at the same time- blog posts, cleaning, working on mouse ears, working on new products, working on other business stuff, taking classes, doing crafts, working on house projects and taking time to relax.  Now I know why she kept herself so busy while locked up in her tower!

One of the things that kept me most busy was working on my blog.  Writing posts has been therapeutic for me during this scary time.  (You can tell from the amount of posts I have for the second half of March and all of April!)  The most time consuming blog posts were my Things To Do While Under Quarantine series.  I won't lie, I spent hours researching and finding links to share.  But, I am so proud of the final result!

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I've enjoyed sharing all of these ideas with you these past few days!  I wanted to wrap the series up with one final post with a link to all of my other posts in the series.  Today is Tangled Tuesday and I thought it was only fit to post the recap of all my quarantine activities today in honor of it.  The irony of Rapunzel being the Lost Princess of the Kingdom of Corona- who is locked up away from the world in a tower and spends lots of time doing various activities to pass the time- is not lost on me... so let's embrace it.

Below are the links to all of the posts in my Things to While Under Quarantine blog series with ideas that I think even Rapunzel herself would be proud of:

A Compilation of My Things To Do While Under Quarantine Blog Posts

Things for Kids to Do While Under Quarantine

Things for Families to Do While Under Quarantine

Things for Teens & Adults to Do While Under Quarantine

Planning Your Next Disney Trip While Under Quarantine

Books to Read While Under Quarantine

YouTube Videos to Watch While Under Quarantine

Creative Things to Do While Under Quarantine

I really hope you've enjoyed these ideas and that they've inspired you!  I'm not sure how much longer we're going to be locked up in our towers "social distancing" but with all of these ideas, I certainly won't be bored anytime soon!  Take care friends!!!  °o°

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