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Planning Your Next Disney Trip While Under Quarantine

That was refreshing.  After a few days off, I'm back with another post in my Things to Do While Under Quarantine blog series.  I started off with three blog posts for specific groups of people: kids, families and teens/adults.  Now, I'm diving into a few more blog posts that are centered around more specific ideas.

One of the most popular questions I keep seeing online is "when will the Disney parks reopen?"  The truth is, none of us really knows.  There are a lot of things to consider, and the simple answer is that Disney will wait until it's safe for both their cast members and guests.  When that will actually come to pass is truly anyone's guess.

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We're all missing the parks, me included, and Eliot and I weren't even planning to go again for the rest of the 2020 calendar year.  There's something about knowing that they are closed that upsets me.  I enjoy seeing posts from my friends when they are having fun on their vacation with their families.  It's nice to see posts of the parks as we go through each season and when Disney celebrates various festivals and holidays.

Someday, we're all going to be able to go back to the parks we know and love.  (We're all really going to need some Disney magic after this experience.)  We might not know exactly when it will happen... but what better way to pass the time than to look forward to that beautiful day when we finally see the castle again?

Note: I would like to state that this is not a suggestion to actually plan your exact trip.  I personally wouldn't make any plans with dates right now.  I've seen way too many people who have already made replacement plans and are now in the process of cancelling a second trip.  It's probably best to plan for later in the summer and fall at the earliest, or to just "plan" as a broad generalization so you aren't disappointed.

Planning Your Next Disney Trip While Under Quarantine

Reach Out to a Travel Agent- First and foremost, if you're serious about planning a Disney vacation (or Disney Cruise, Universal, Sea World, etc.), the first thing you need to do is to find a travel agent.  This is something that I recommend for everyone regardless of how many times you've been to Disney.  Trust me; you won't regret it.  As a travel agent myself, I can tell you from personal experience that my TA friends have been working so hard during this crisis.  I have so many friends who aren't getting paid that have been putting in overtime helping their clients reschedule trips, re-book flights and get refunds.  Travel agents aren't paid unless you travel, and even then, we're paid from the supplier.  You'll pay the same amount to book through a travel agent that you will to book through Disney yourself.  But by having a travel agent, you'll gain someone to help you with planning as much or as little as you want.  The value of having a travel agent has proved to be immeasurable these past few weeks.

Write Down Your Dream Disney Day- This is the perfect opportunity to write down your "Dream Disney Day".  You know what you usually do at the parks, but if you could do anything, what would it be?  Would you go to all four parks in one day?  Spend the entire day wandering around the World Showcase?  Maybe you'd spend the entire day sketching Cinderella Castle at the Magic Kingdom.  This is a great chance to dream about what you could do.  Then, when the parks finally open back up, maybe you can schedule an extra day to your trip so you can actually do it.

Make a Countdown You Can Use- When you finally get your dates for your trip, this is a fun way to countdown to it.  I've seen so many fun ideas: paper chains, things to put on the wall like paper Mickey Balloons, blocks, erasable chalkboards, and more.  I've even made some downloadable countdowns.  You might not know the exact dates for your countdown, but this would be a great chance to made the countdown itself.  (For example, cut the pieces for your paper chains.)  Then, you'll be ready when it's time!

Make Mouse Ears- It's no secret that I love crafting, so why not use this time to make some fun stuff to wear on your trip?  The obvious choice is to make some new Mickey Mouse ears.  There are tons of tutorials online.  (Pinterest is a great resource.)  This is a great project for all ages and it's a fun way to look forward to your next trip!

Make T-Shirts- This is another fun way to plan for your trip.  You can get ideas for shirts from Pinterest, Etsy, Disney Facebook groups, or just by searching online.  If you have a Circuit, you can use it to cut heat transfer vinyl.  Or, you can order ready made transfers from Etsy.  Or, make shirts with permanent markers or puffy paint.

Plan Your Outfits and Accessories- This is what I should be spending some of my time doing.  I always find that I'm running around last minute, so my park outfits are thrown together and not thought out.  I really love dressing up with a theme or even Disneybounding as a character.  When I've taken the time to plan, I've ended up with really cute photos like my Minnie pictures from my recent Dapper Day outfit post!  This is a great chance to raid your closet and to come up with outfits and accessories to wear at the parks.  Don't forget to take pictures of your outfit ideas so you'll remember what you selected when it's finally time to pack!

Make a Dream List of Snacks to Try- This is another thing I think is fun to do.  We're always rushing around the parks and unless I have a specific list of snacks that I want to try, I usually am running around last minute to get that last snack in.  If snacking at Disney is one of your favorite things to do, why not make a list of treats you want to try?  There are many resources to find out what food, snacks and drinks that Disney serves.  The Disney Parks Blog occasionally posts about upcoming offerings but the Disney Food Blog is probably your best resource.  Keep in mind that some of these treats aren't available unless it's during a specific festival (like violet lemonade) or holiday (Disneyland candy canes).  But, it doesn't hurt to make a master list of treats to try.  You can always modify and adjust it once you get the exact dates for your trip!

I know this doesn't compare with spending time in your favorite park, but this is what we're all going to have to do for now... plan and dream about when they will open their gates.  The parks will reopen.  We will get to hug Mickey again at some point.  In the meantime, I hope you enjoyed this post of ideas to plan for your next Disney trip.  And I really hope we're all able to go back and experience the magic in person soon!!!  °o°

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