Thursday, April 2, 2020

Quest of Learning

Well friends, it appears as though I've gone down another rabbit hole... I just spent most of my afternoon exploring other online courses available on uDemy and now I find myself enrolled in seven more!  Just under two weeks ago, I wrote a post about signing up for two online classes through uDemy.  Since then, I've periodically looked on their website for other classes to take.  My wishlist has been growing ever since.

I'm really excited to have another way of learning.  I've always loved taking all of my in person adult education classes.  Since no one is taking any classes in person right now, this is another new way to explore.  I love getting new knowledge of crafting techniques and learning new skills.  My favorite part is that I can do them when I have time to.  That's the beauty of online classes- websites like uDemy and Skillshare offer you a way to take an online class, at home, on your own schedule.

Last night, I realized that uDemy was having another sale on classes starting at only $10.99.  Thus, I started to browse on my cell phone before bed and I found a few that I wanted to take.  Today, I went onto my laptop and really dove in.  I put a ton of classes on my wishlist, and then picked my top seven classes that were on sale to purchase.  

This is what I ended up purchasing for classes:

Mixed Media Painting Workshop - I've always been fascinated by different painting techniques.  I'm really excited to explore this some more!

Abstract Techniques Revealed to Create Large Modern Art - I've been wanting to learn how to create larger works of art as well.  I think these two painting classes will be fun!

Resin Geode Basics - Eliot and I have already taken a few resin geode classes in person and I've loved those so much!  I saw this class and decided it would be fun to potentially learn some more new techniques.  I really want to start making these- once I can go back to Michael's to purchase supplies.

Creativity and Relaxation Through Quilling - I've always been fascinated by 3D paper art.  Quilling is a technique of curling paper to create designs and I've wanted to learn this skill for a while now.  I'm thinking that this will be a relaxing craft to do if these weeks of "social distancing" turn into months.

Learn Calligraphy with Crayola Markers - My Grammie gave me a few calligraphy pens back when I was in high school.  At the time, I wasn't really into it.  However, over the years and through studying text and design, I've grown to appreciate the art.  I begged my parents for a few Crayoligraphy sets for Christmas a few years ago.  (Crayoligraphy is the art of calligraphy but with using Crayola markers!)  I was so excited when I saw them waiting for me on Christmas morning!  Of course, I've been super busy and still haven't used any of it yet.  This class will be the perfect addition to my sets.

How to Create Blogger Blogs - I wanted to explore a few classes that weren't just for creative fun.  I was curious if they had classes on blogging and I was excited when this popped up.  I'm pretty familiar with Blogger as I've used it all these years.  However, if there are new things I can learn to make my blog better, I'm all for it!

French for Beginners - It dawned on me this afternoon that there might be language classes on uDemy.  I've never been able to take an adult education language class because they always fell on days when I was working.  Plus, I've already taken three years of French in high school and I was pretty good by the end of it.  What I really need is a good refresh and I'm hoping this will get me back into it.  (Re-learning French has been on my personal goal list for the past few years, so I'm really going to try!)  I also found another French class that has six class sections.  The same instructor also teaches five sections of Italian, so I might move on to those after I finish this class!  I've always wanted to learn Italian too!

As you can see, I'm continuing on my quest of learning!  The greatest part was that I got all of those classes for under $80 and I saved $195 from the regular price!!!  All of my classes were only $10.99 except for one at $11.99 and another at $12.99.  (They were regularly priced from $24.99 to $49.99.)  I usually pay anywhere from about $40-$65 for one adult education class, so I thought this was a great deal!

If you're bored out of your mind and you need something to do during this time "socially distancing" yourself at home, consider checking out both uDemy and Skillshare and take an online class to pass the time!  Come join me on my quest of learning!!! °o°

*** Please Note: If you click on the links above and purchase a class, I might get a small commission or credit that I can use for a future class.  I'm honestly not sure how it works, but these are links they gave me to share with my friends! ***

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