Sunday, April 12, 2020

Happy Easter

Happy Easter!  This is definitely a really weird holiday with everyone stuck at home on quarantine.  What are you doing for Easter if you celebrate the holiday?  Eliot and I are spending the weekend working on a few projects around the house.

Usually, we try to get together with my brother Jeremy over Easter weekend.  This year, we were all actually supposed to be up at my parents' house this weekend.  We were planning to celebrate Nana's birthday, Easter and my Mom's birthday (later this month) all at the same time.  Plus, it's when tax season is usually ending so we were also going to be helping Mom and Dad out with running a few errands and some projects around the house.  Unfortunately, none of that's happening now.

However, as sad as I am that we had to scrap our plans, I have to admit that it's been nice to get some projects done around the house.  Not being able to go anywhere makes me feel less guilty about keeping our focus at home.  Our weekends are usually spent with me trying to juggle "having a life" with "getting things accomplished" while Eliot's home.  At this point, no one's having a life so we might as well be productive!

I've set a goal for myself to work on our Mickey and Minnie themed master bathroom this week.  We've never finished painting it; I still have a few places to touch up where the turquoise meets the yellow.  I'm hoping to get that done soon so I can unpack all of our decorations!  I miss the cute things we had from our house we rented.  (I recently went through some old photos and it made me really inspired to get it finished!)

I'm also working on our master bedroom.  I'm in the process of totally rearranging my closet and drawers- that's proved to be a big undertaking.  Hopefully that will also be finished soon.  We have some places to finish painting in our bedroom too... ugh.

Unfortunately, as you can see, we aren't having much 
Easter fun this year.  I didn't bother taking out any of our decorations as we've put a lot of them in storage.  (I'm hopeful that we can decorate for it next year.)  I thought about trying to make some decorations, but without being able to buy supplies, that didn't happen.  Eliot did buy a few Cadbury Eggs (my favorite!) and
 we found a few plush friends that haven't made their way into storage.  We put Easter Bunny BB-8, Easter Duffy and Easter Snoopy out on display and that was pretty much the extent of our Easter celebration.

Regardless of the lack of festivities this year, I'm still celebrating the hope that Easter brings me- hope for spring, hope for an end to the virus, hope for using this time to get some of our house projects finished and hope that the world will heal from the COVID-19 pandemic.  May today bring you hope too.  Take care and Happy Easter!  °o°

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