Sunday, April 26, 2020

YouTube Videos to Watch While Under Quarantine

After a couple of days off, I'm back with my last posts in my Things to Do While Under Quarantine blog series.  Today, we're expanding on another specific topic: YouTube videos.  You could spend hours, days, weeks watching videos on YouTube.  If you're anything like Eliot and me, it's a dangerous game to start watching a video- since one usually turns into two, two quickly turns into three and so on.

However, right now watching videos online is a good distraction from reality.  I haven't been on YouTube too much lately, but if I wanted to dive into some videos, I have a good idea of where to start.  Here are some ideas of Disney themed videos to watch.

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YouTube Videos to Watch While Under Quarantine

Draw Disney Characters- I've mentioned this in one of my other posts, but there are tons of videos on how to draw Disney characters.  (This is one of my favorite things to do at the parks!)  You can find so many videos on YouTube.  Disney Parks posts a lot of them, but you can also find videos of other artists drawing characters.

Disney Karaoke Videos- I also mentioned this before, but I thought I'd reiterate it here as well.  If you're looking for a fun family activity, search for "Disney karaoke songs with lyrics" on YouTube and you'll find hours of entertainment!

Disney Attraction Videos- This has been the most popular idea to keep the magic alive while we're all stuck at home.  You can watch so many ride, show and parade videos on YouTube.  If you want to do it in an organized way, try separating them by theme park or even by each section of the parks.  Or, you could simply end your day by watching some fireworks or a nighttime parade.  (Sometimes, Eliot and I watch a video of Happily Ever After before bed and it always makes me really happy.)  Plus, you can also watch videos from parks that you've never been to.  We have watched a few videos from Shanghai and Tokyo.  I love seeing what rides and shows the other Disney parks have to offer!  To find Disney attraction videos, just search for whatever ride you're interested in watching.  Then, sit back and enjoy!!!

Disney "Vlogger" & "YouTuber" Channels- If you're really missing the parks, there are so many vlog (video blog) videos you can watch on YouTube!  I haven't really gotten into this, but I've enjoyed the few videos I have watched.  You can search for "Disney vlog" on YouTube to find them.  You can also search for "Disney Youtuber" and you'll find list after list of popular "Disney Youtubers" or people who post Disney videos.

Official Disney YouTube Channels- There are so many official Disney YouTube channels that have hours of videos to watch.  Some of them include: Disney Parks, Disney, Disney On Ice, Mickey Mouse, Disney Princess, Disney Channel, Pixar and DisneyMusicVEVO.  And there are a ton more!  If you start by searching on these official Disney channels, you'll see other recommended channels that you might be interested in as well.  The possibilities are almost endless.

Disney Food Videos- It's no secret that I love Disney treats.  Some of my favorite videos are of cast members making the Disney foods we all know and love.  Right about now, I could really use a Disney Candy Apple, but since I can't have one from the parks, I'll have to settle for watching a video on how to make Mickey and Minnie candy apples at home.  There are also videos on making marshmallow sticks, cake pops and more!!!  To find them, search for whatever sweet treat you're thinking of!

I hope you enjoyed these ideas!  These suggestions are only a small sampling of the Disney themed videos you can find on YouTube.  I personally enjoy craft tutorials the most and there are a ton of Disney projects on there.  Just make sure to set an alarm or something so you don't forget to eat, let the dog out, make dinner, etc.  It's really easy to get sucked in and to completely lose track of time!  Been there, done that!  °o°

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