Thursday, April 16, 2020

#tbt Putting Together My Dapper Day Outfit

I don't know about the rest of you, but I could use a distraction for all things COVID-19 and quarantine.  I've had a busy week working on my quarantine boredom busting blog series and I needed a break to write something fun.  Thus, I've decided it's time for another installment of my #tbt series.  This time, we're traveling back to Anaheim, CA in May of 2016 when I attended the Spring 2016 Dapper Day at Disneyland during the resort's 60th Anniversary Diamond Celebration.

I should start by saying that it was a happy coinsidence that I got to attend Dapper Day.  I went to Disneyland for an extended weekend girls trip with two of my travel agent girlfriends.  We were going to another event, Pearls in the Park, that our travel agency was co-hosting.  I wasn't planning on staying at Disneyland the extra day, but when I found out Dapper Day was that weekend, I had to go!

I had always dreamed of going to a Dapper Day at Disneyland, so I wanted to have a special outfit for my first time at the event.  It didn't take me long to come up with my outfit inspiration.  I was obsessed with all things Disneyland 60th Anniversary Diamond Celebration and I wanted to honor that with my Dapper Day outfit... so I decided to dress like Disneyland 60th Minnie Mouse!

Minnie's special Diamond Celebration costume was a red dress with sparkly silver polka dots.  She also had a sparkling red bow, red shoes and a turquoise belt as an accent.  All of the other main characters were also dressed in combinations of red, turquoise, silver and royal blue so they would all be coordinated with each other.  

Dapper Day is all about the photo ops; I knew having an outfit that matched and/or coordinated with Disneyland's decorations and characters was going to be perfect!

The Makings of a Dapper Day Outfit

Skirt- The first thing I needed was a red shirt and skirt or a dress.  I decided to go the skirt route since I thought it would be easier to find, and more comfortable.  I ordered my skirt from Damsel Designed on Etsy and it came out perfectly!  I added a black petticoat that I got off of Amazon to add a bit of volume and make it more "poofy".

Shirt- This was a generic red t-shirt that I found on eBay that didn't cost much. 

Ribbon "Belt"- I bought turquoise ribbon at the local craft store, cut it down to size so that it would be long enough to tie into a bow on the back, and it was done!  I wanted to add a little rhinestone detail to the front center like Minnie had, but I ran out of time.

Shoes- I already had my red shoes from Payless.  They weren't the most comfortable for walking, but it was worth it for the photos!  I also had my sneakers with me so I wore those and changed into the dress shoes.  (For me, comfort always comes first!)

Disneyland "D" Brooch- I ordered my turquoise glitter "D" brooch from a shop on Etsy.  Unfortunately, the seller closed her shop and doesn't sell them anymore.  I have a large collection of brooches from this shop and I love them!

Fascinator- I ordered this from Hat and Mouse on Etsy.  She made a special design to match Minnie's Diamond Celebration outfit and I knew it would be perfect to wear!

Jewelry- Unfortunately, I wasn't able to pull anything together for jewelry.  I ordered red and turquoise rhinestone buttons and a few other items to make matching jewelry, but by the time they arrived it was too late to make anything.  They would have tied the entire Minnie Mouse look together so well!  (Note to self: Start earlier next time.)

I had such a great experience at my first Disneyland Dapper Day.  I hope I'm able to do it again someday with the addition of Eliot being there as well!  Next time, I'll be sure to plan out my outfit farther in advance, and I'll probably be more detailed with the jewelry and accessories!  Nevertheless, I still think this was a great outfit for my first time.

I was also able to wear my Dapper Day outfit a second time when Eliot and I dressed up as Diamond Anniversary Mickey and Minnie a few weeks later!  (The second time, I wore a custom Minnie ear hat that I made myself instead of the fascinator.)  Minnie, Mickey and all of the other characters loved our outfits and we had great interactions with them!  It's totally worth taking the extra time to put a special outfit together!  °o°

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