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Creative Things to Do While Under Quarantine

We've arrived at the last entry of my Things to Do While Under Quarantine series.  I've had a lot of fun sharing these ideas and I think I've saved the best post for last!  My creativity is one of the things I treasure the most about myself.  When I realized how long we'd be stuck at home, the first thing I thought of was all of the creative things I could do to pass the time.  Making, creating and designing were all my first impulses.

I took many of those ideas and made them into this post.  This particular list really inspires and excites me.  I'm also glad to have all of the ideas in one place to be able to reference years from now if I ever find myself in need of inspiration.  So, without further ado, here's my Creative Things to Do While Under Quarantine ideas.

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Creative Things to Do While Under Quarantine

House Decorating- The first thing I thought of was decorating our house.  Eliot and I have been hard at work trying to get our house organized and what better time to work on the house than when you're cooped up inside of it?  There are so many ways you can make little (or big) changes to update your house!  Here are a few ideas:

Redesign/Refresh a Room- If you really need a change, redesign or refresh an entire room.  A fresh coat of paint goes a long way; you could also completely redecorate it.

Design Your Dream Room- This is the perfect time to dream.  We have plenty of time to research and brainstorm.  Make a plan and then find a way to make it happen!

Make Home Decor- If you like being crafty, this is the perfect time to make some home decor.  I love making things and I'm currently working on making many different forms of artwork and decorations for our house to make it more magical.

Design a Gallery Wall- I am obsessed with gallery walls right now.  They are the perfect solution for having tons of artwork and/or photos and not much room to put them.  Right now, I'm working on collecting artwork for four different gallery walls in our open living room, dining room and kitchen area.

Make Plans for Holiday Decor- This is the perfect time to plan ahead for the holiday season.  The holidays are so busy to begin with... why not start planning for them now?

Plan/Design Your Garden- I'm so ready for spring and warmer weather!  We're slowly getting there and this is the perfect time to plan for a flower or vegetable garden.  If you live in a warmer climate, start planting your garden now!

Plan/Design Your Dream Garden- If you aren't sure where to begin with gardening, this is a great chance to design your dream garden.  I have a dream garden in my mind and I really need to make a plan for it to become a reality someday!

Make a Fairy Garden- If you don't have much space for a garden, make a small fairy garden instead!  I've seen fairy gardens both indoors and outside.  Or, if you don't have a green thumb, add some faux vegetation to your house to get a similar effect.  I love my Tinker Bell Fairy Garden Lantern that I made a few years ago.  I'm also planning to make a few more for other rooms in our house!

Imagineering- The next thing I thought of was Imagineering, designing theme parks and learning more.  Designing for Disney has always been a dream of mine, and that dream has become a passion.  This is the perfect time to learn more about it:

Disney Imagineering in a Box- I had a lot of friends share this post back when we were all first were starting quarantine.  Disney has a free online program called 
Disney Imagineering in a Box where you can learn more about Imagineering.  There are 32 videos where Imagineers share how they use their skills.  The courses also include interactive exercises and hands-on components as well.

Theme Park Design Class- I've already mentioned this a few times, but I'm really excited about my Theme Park Design class on uDemy.  If you want to learn more about Imagineering, why not take an online class about it?

Imagineering Series on Disney+ - There's also the Imagineering Series on Disney+ if you want a less interactive experience.  The 6 part series tells the story of Walt Disney and how all of the Disney theme parks came to be.  (Eliot and I loved watching it!)

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Create An Outfit- Another idea that I had was to create an outfit for an individual, couple, family or group.  There are many different occasions where you can go above and beyond your usual attire.  Whether you want to design and create something from the bottom up, or you just want to curate pieces to create your vision, now is a great time to do it.  Here are a few events you could start planning your outfits for:

Dapper Day- Dapper Day is all about dressing to impress and many guests spend a lot of time preparing their outfits.  My favorites are always from individuals, couples, families, or groups who really took the time to plan their outfits out.  Use this time to brainstorm, research, and start planning ahead for your next Dapper Day.

D23 Expo- The D23 Expo is a giant Disney fan convention that only happens every other year here in the United States.  Disney fans go above and beyond to create amazing outfits and costumes to wear to it.  In fact, there's even a fashion show you can apply to be in.  One of my favorite parts of the D23 Expo are all the outfits and costumes.  This is the perfect time to start planning your outfit(s) for the 2021 event.

Disneybounding- If big events aren't really your thing, then you can still create some awesome DIsneybound outfits for your next trip to the parks, or even your next trip anywhere!  Use this time to go through your closet and take inventory of what you have. Then, you'll know what staples you need to create outfits!  Don't forget that you can always use Instagram or Pinterest for inspiration!

Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party- This is the only time the Disney theme parks officially allow adults to dress up in full costumes.  I usually skip the full costume and opt for something that's easy to walk around in, but if costumes are your jam, this is a great time to plan your outfit out for yourself, your family or your group!

Special Occasion- Another fun option is to create an outfit for a personal special occasion- whether it's happening in the parks or at home.  I've really enjoyed making special outfits to wear for my birthday.  I wore a special outfit to the Magic Kingdom when I was finally able to celebrate my birthday at the parks.  I also had fun making a special DIsneybound outfit for another birthday celebration at home!

Design Your Own- My last idea consists of ideas to Design Your Own... whatever you can dream of.  When I came up with this idea, I had a giant "paragraph" of ideas all grouped together.  Instead of grouping it as one section, I've split all of my ideas into categories that you could further separate into sub-categories if you want.  Buckle in, there are a lot of ideas about to come at you in three, two, one... blast off!!!

DESIGN YOUR OWN THEME PARK- Design your own Theme Park or Ride. Sketch a Restaurant or Quick Service Restaurant. Create your own Theater Show, Nighttime Show, or Parade Float. Design your dream Castle. Make a Rollercoaster. Design an Aquarium, Jungle, Desert, or Enchanted Forest.

DESIGN YOUR OWN RESORT- Design your dream Disney Resort. Create a Hotel Room design. Draw a Pool, Restaurant, Bar or Playground.

DESIGN YOUR OWN CRUISE EXPERIENCE- Design a Cruise Ship. Create different Theater Sets. Design your dream Tropical Island Retreat. Make a Restaurant or Bar.

DESIGN YOUR OWN CLOTHING AND ACCESSORIES-  Draw your own Princess Gown, Tiara, Purse or Shoes. Create a Super Hero Costume. Design accessories like a Scarf, Loungefly Mini Backpack, or Harvey’s Bag. Draw your dream Spirit Jersey. Create your own Jewelry designs. Sketch T-Shirts. Create your own Mouse Ears. Design a Disney Sports Jersey.

DESIGN YOUR OWN CHARACTERS- Design you own characters like a Princess, Prince, Hero, Villain, Disney Sidekick or Droid.

DESIGN YOUR OWN SCHOOL STUFF- Decorate a Disney themed Graduation Cap. Design your dream Prom Dress, Accessories, and Corsage. Design a Backpack and Lunch Box. Decorate your Locker.

DESIGN YOUR OWN WEDDING- Design your Dream Wedding or Vow Renewal. Create your Wedding Dress. Sketch a Cake, Jewelry, Shoes or Invitations. Design Reception or Ceremony Decor. Design your Bridesmaids and Flower Girl Dresses.

DESIGN YOUR OWN FOOD- Create your dream Disney Snack. Make a Cookie, Cake, Cupcake, Milkshake or Ice Cream Sundae based off a character or ride.

DESIGN YOUR OWN HOUSE- Design your own Garden. Design your dream Disney Bedroom. Create an entire Disney House. Sketch a Bedding Set. Design a Fish Tank, Playhouse, Doll House or Pool.

DESIGN YOUR OWN BEAUTY PRODUCTS- Create your own Make Up, Lipstick or Eyeshadow Palettes.  Design a Perfume Bottle.  Sketch out Nail Art ideas.

DESIGN YOUR OWN COSTUMES- Design a Halloween Costume for your Family or Pets. Create a Parade Costume, Ice Show Costume or Theater Costume.

DESIGN YOUR OWN "OTHER STUFF"- Design a Plush Toy. Create your own Board Game.  Write a Movie or Theater Script. Write a Novel, Poem or Song. Make your own Newsletter. Start a Magazine. Compose Music. Create a Painting. Design and create whatever comes to mind.  Be free to brainstorm the possibilities...

Wow... that was a lot of creativity, ideas and brainstorming in one post!  I have to admit, while I was writing this post I was really inspired to create.  I saved this for last not only because I thought it was the best of my posts, but because I wanted to wait until the very last minute in case I thought of something else to add!  (I've been adding a bunch of things as I've thought of them over these past few weeks.)  I'm really proud of the final result!  I hope this list inspires you to try something new and creative!  °o°

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