Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Things for Teens and Adults to Do While Under Quarantine

This is a surreal moment.  In my "normal" world, today would be "Tax Day" and my parents would be working their butts off and scrambling to get everything finalized for their clients.  Instead, I'm sitting here writing a post about things to do because we've all been stuck inside our homes for the past month and people are genuinely bored.

Before I dive in to this list, I'd like to send a shout out to my parents, Lee and Cindy, who are anything but bored right now!  Bright side Mom and Dad- this April 15th, you still have 3 more months before "Tax Season" officially ends.  Downside- you have three more months of this before you're done.  So... I'm actually not sure if that's a blessing or a curse.  Regardless, I'm glad things have been quiet these past few weeks so you can get work done.  We've got to find the sliver linings right?

Ok, now back to business.  Today, I'm sharing a list that I compiled for teenagers and adults.  I thought about making two separate posts, but I realized so many of the ideas overlapped that I decided to make it one list instead.  I know most of these would have appealed to teenage Melissa as much as they appeal to me now.  So here we go...

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Things for Teens and Adults to Do While Under Quarantine

Obvious Choices For All Ages- I covered these in more depth in my first post.  The obvious things to do while at home are watch Disney movies or tv series on Disney+ or Netflix, read Disney books, play Disney board games or play Disney phone games.

Art Journaling the Magic Watercolor Journaling Class- I first stumbled across this a few years ago when scrolling through Instagram.  Art Journaling the Magic offers online watercolor journaling classes that are taught based around the Disney theme parks we all know and love.  These online classes a great find if you're into drawing, painting or creating in general.  I signed up for the "A Walk in the Park" classes forever ago but with our crazy life I haven't had time to sit down and work on them.  All of the supplies you'll need should be available online at your favorite arts and craft stores or on Amazon, so now is a great time to dive right in.  They've also recently added online watercolor journaling classes for the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal!

Virtual Paint Night- I've always loved going to Paint Night events.  Eliot and I have done two at our local paint bar and we've also done two with his family.  Right now none of us are going anywhere but that doesn't mean you can't get your paint on at home!  There are a bunch of paint bars who are making take home kits so you can do the painting from the comfort of your own home.  The instructor teaches the class online and you end up with a painting!  Check your local paint bars to see if they're doing it, or get your own supplies and sign up for virtual classes on YayMaker, Painting Parties at Home, Pinot's Palette, or Painting with a Twist.  If you're good at following visual directions, you can also find a ton of painting tutorials over on Pinterest.

Disney Diamond Painting- This is a huge trend right now and I love it.  Basically, diamond painting is when you take small rhinestones and "paint" them like a paint by number on a pixelated canvas printed with numbers.  The rhinestones are grouped together to form an image.  There are a ton of these available on Amazon, but be sure to read the reviews.  Most of the kits come from overseas so they may take a long time to arrive and they not have all of the pieces you need.  If you want an "official" set, look for Diamond Dotz.  Michaels, Hobby Lobby and Joann all carry them- and both Joann and Hobby Lobby have Disney designs!  Joann also carries individual packs of colored rhinestones that you can use to create your own diamond painting design!

Rhinestone or Button Art- If you want to do something similar to a diamond painting, but want a little more freedom, you can make your own art using rhinestones, buttons, beads, pom poms or any other small craft items.  There are a ton of ideas on Pinterest.

String Art- String art is weaving some sort of a colored string between hammered nails to make a pattern or design.  Yarn and embroidery floss are the most common supplies used.  Basically, you make a pattern on wood, hammer in the nails, and then use string to create the design.  You can find tons of ideas and tutorials by searching "string art" on Pinterest.  This is something that I've really wanted to do, and I'm going to use my quarantine time to try my first one- a Disney castle for my office!

Dot Art- Dot art is a form of pointillism, which is a technique of painting in dots to create a larger image.  Dot art can also be done in patterns or circular mandalas.  I absolutely love this style of art and I love how beautiful yet simple it is.  If you have a lot of ambition, you could create a larger canvas piece but you could also paint small rocks and then leave them around your neighborhood to cheer people up.

Adult Coloring Books- There are a ton of coloring books for kids, but over the past few years adult coloring books have become a huge trend.  I love coloring and these are one of my favorite things.  The pages are a lot more detailed than childrens' books and some books offer calming patterns and repetition.  It's a great way to unwind and relax!  There are a few Disney adult coloring books- most of which I have.  (Frozen and Princesses are my favorites!)  Other favorite coloring books include Lost Ocean and Johanna's Christmas both by Johanna Basford.  All of these are available on Amazon.

Make Jewelry- If you like accessories, this is a great time to make yourself some new jewelry.  A few of my friends have been working on different jewelry designs, and your creativity and the sky are the limit.  Pinterest is a great resource for ideas and tutorials.  You can also buy all sorts of jewelry kits if you don't have any supplies.

Paint by Number- There are so many paint by number kits out there... you'll have a ton to choose from!  MichaelsHobby Lobby and Joann all carry them.  You can also find unofficial Disney kits on Amazon.  (Much like the Diamond Paintings- be aware of the reviews and the timeframe for them to arrive.)

Sewing Projects- This is how a lot of people are spending their time as I've seen numerous people making face masks for their friends, family and our healthcare workers.  (I'll be joining in on the fun once my elastic order arrives!)  There are so many things you can make to pass the time.  I'm hoping to work on face masks, my tote bags, valences for our living room and curtains for our bathrooms.

No Sew Blankets- If you don't know how to sew, you can still make some no sew blankets.  You can order fleece fabric online at Joann and there are a ton of tutorials on how to make them.  There are even no sew blankets kits on the Joann website.

Make a Vision Board- A vision board is a tool used to inspire you, motivate you, and help you focus on your specific life goals.  It's based on the law of attraction theory that if you focus on what you want out of life, you'll attract it.  Right now, we could all use a little bit more positivity and looking forward to the better things in life.  I think it's a great time to make a vision board, and I might even try it myself!

Do Hair and Make Up- Right now, we're all feeling a bit neglected.  (I was trying to get in for a haircut before the holidays, but with all of our trips I never got a chance to and now, I'm stuck waiting for everything to open up.)  We're all in this boat together so this is the perfect chance to have fun with our hair and makeup.  Dye your hair some crazy color and try new hairstyles that you don't usually wear.  Practice princess inspired hairstyles and makeup that you can wear during your next park visit.  Have fun with it!

Do Your Nails- This is a great chance to practice painting your own nails.  It's also a good time to play around with nail art you can wear during your next park visit.  Paint your nails with Minnie polka dots.  Make different designs for the holidays.  Learn how to paint characters.  Find a design perfect for your next Disney Cruise.  Disney Style posts a lot of nail art tutorials.  You can also find a lot of ideas on 

Run Through Disney Parks- If you're looking to make your treadmill workout a little more magical, visit Run the Impossible on Youtube and look for their Treadmill Series playlist.  You can run, walk or bicycle through all four Walt Disney World theme parks as well as the Pop Century and Art of Animation resorts.  They also have videos of Disneyland, California Adventure and the Castaway Cay 5K.

Virtual Run- Another way to add some fun to your run is to do a virtual run.  A virtual run is a "race" that has been organized by an individual or an organization.  Runners register to do the run on their own time, whenever and wherever they wish.  You can complete the race on your own treadmill, or a track, trail, road or sidewalk.  You usually get some sort of medal to commemorate finishing the race.  If you want to try a few, search for "virtual run" on Facebook and you'll see different groups and events.  If you aren't a runner, you can also join the events and walk the required distance.  (I used to do a bunch of these and you can learn more about it by reading my posts here.)

Disney Zumba- If you want to get your groove on, you can try doing Zumba dance fitness routines to Disney music.  I searched for "Disney Zumba" on YouTube and saw a bunch of videos.  This playlist was a great start for a good Disney Zumba workout!

Start a Blog- If you're looking for another fun way to pass the time, why not start your own blog?!?  Trust me, if I can do it, you can do it.  There are a bunch of tutorials and articles on how to start a blog on Pinterest.  Pro Tip: Don't pay a ton of money to buy someone's ebook or take their class... there are plenty of free resources!

Stop Motion Video- If you want another creative way to spent your time, you can create your own stop motion video.  There are a bunch of tutorials on Youtube on how to take stop motion photos and to make videos.  Eliot and I made a stop motion video of Orange Bird while we were at the Disney Family Museum and it was so much fun!

Change the Wallpaper on your Computer or Phone- If you're more into tech, you can make your quarantine a little more magical simply by changing the wallpaper on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone.  I recently changed the wallpaper on my new laptop and my cell phone.  I went from the Apple factory settings to fun Disney photos- Thomas Kinkade's Tangled painting on my laptop, castle fireworks on my phone's lock screen and a simple Disney background on my phone.  It's not a lot, but it brings me a little bit of Disney cheer every time I pick up my phone or open my laptop.  Plus, it's very easy to change the photos daily, weekly, monthly or seasonally.  If you're looking for some really great Disney parks photos, check out WDWShutterbug on Facebook.

Scrapbooking or Digital Photo Books- Another good way to pass the time is to work on your scrapbooking or family books.  I love to make traditional scrapbooks with paper and stickers, but if you're into something more simple, you can create digital photo books on websites like Shutterfly or Snapfish.  Eliot and I have made photo books through Snapfish and they're some of our families favorite Christmas gifts.

Design a Blanket, Canvas or Mug- You can also use Shutterfly or Snapfish to create other fun things like blankets, canvas wall art, coffee mugs, calendars and more!  This is a great way to feel like you're close with family even when we're so far apart.

Design or Order a Photo Collage- I've seen so many great Disney photo collages and this is a great time to work on one and to remember your favorite Disney Parks memories.  If you need inspiration, search for "Disney photo collage" on
Pinterest.  I've seen cool designs in the shape of Mickey's head and a castle.  You could also use picture frames.  If you aren't feeling creative, you can order a Disney Photo Collage Print on Etsy.  You send the seller digital photos and they create a design for you!

Design a Scarf- Another fun and creative quarantine project is to make your own scarf using The Scarf Studio and their design process.  This popped up on my Facebook newsfeed the other day.  I looked into it and I think it's a really great idea.  You draw or paint your own scarf design on a template and then send that template in.  Then, 
The Scarf Studio will take your design and make it into an actual scarf!  This is a great idea for teens and adults, but kids can also get in on the fun too!

Write a Play, Skit or Song- Another creative outlet that I really enjoy is writing.  I use most of my "writing time" working on this blog, but if I had more time available, I would certainly be spending it writing creatively.  Why not take this time to write a play, skit or a song?  If you have kids, you can use it to perform a family play or talent night.  Or you can write a song, sing it and post a video of it online for everyone to enjoy!

Write a Book, Poem or Short Story- You could do other forms creative writing.  If you don't want to spend a lot of time doing it, try writing a poem or short story.  If you have dreams of writing a novel, now is the perfect time to start writing!  I've always dreamed of seeing my name published on an actual book.  Time to work on those goals!

Learn to Play Instrument- Just like with kids, now is a great time to learn how to play an instrument.  If you want something really simple, you could go the recorder route, but you could also learn how to play the piano or even a ukulele.  If you don't have access to a piano, you can get a keyboard.  I have one that I enjoy playing every once in a while.  I'm also really interested in learning how to play the ukulele!  Or, if you're rusty like me, you can use this time to re-learn and practice- time to grab my flute!

Learn a New Language- This is also a great time to learn a new language.  I've made a commitment to re-learn French by taking some online classes.  I took French 1, 2, and 3 in high school and I was pretty good at it, but I haven't used my French skills since college and I'm very rusty with it now.  It's been a goal of mine to re-learn it for years- so I'm taking the time to do it now.  You can find online classes for languages on both uDemy and Skillshare.  There are also a lot of learning apps and videos available!

Plan for the Holidays or for a Dinner Party- Finally, my last idea is to plan for the upcoming holidays or for a dinner party that you can have when this is all over.  We all long to see our family and friends again, so why not work out some of the details for your next gathering now?  The holidays are stressful enough; we might as well take advantage of any extra time we have to plan things now.  Or, plan the decor, menu, tablescape, etc. for a post-quarantine dinner party.  This isolation won't last forever.

I really hope you enjoyed this list!  I'm (obviously) very inspired by it and I'm hoping that I can test out a few of my own ideas over the next few weeks!  Stay strong friends!  °o°

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