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Things for Families to Do While Under Quarantine

Yesterday, I started my Things to Do While Under Quarantine blog series with ideas specifically for kids.  Today, I thought that I'd expand on that list with things families can do together.  Eliot and I don't have kids yet, but I'm guessing that if you do have kids- this "being stuck at home all the time" thing is starting to get old... really fast.  This is stressful on all of us, adults and kids included.  Kids want to go back to school to see their friends.  Adults could all use a bit of a break from the kids.  I can sense it from my parent friends- and I empathize- even if I don't have personal experience.  That's why I came up with this list.  Of all the lists I've made, this is probably the most important.  

In all of this craziness, it's important that families still spend quality time together.  Kids are scared and this is going to be something that they remember forever.  All of us adults remember where we were and what we were doing when 9/11 happened.  In the aftermath, it shaped our world and had many effects on how we travel, go through security, etc.  Like that, the coronavirus is going to impact our world and this entire experience is going to leave an everlasting impression on kids.  Eliot and I don't have kids, but if we did, I'd want to make sure they held on to some positive memories from this scary time.  Here are a few ideas of things you can do to create good memories.

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Things for Families to Do While Under Quarantine

Obvious Choices For All Ages- I covered these in more depth in yesterday's post.  I thought the obvious things to do were watch Disney movies or tv series on Disney+ or Netflix, read Disney books, play Disney board games or play Disney phone games.

Disney Family Website- I also covered this a bit in yesterday's post.  There are so many crafts, recipes and activities over on the Disney Family website.  If you're looking for some fun family activities, this is a really great resource! 

Pinterest Projects- If you need another resource for inspiration, Pinterest is the way to go.  I am obsessed with Pinterest and I have been for years.  I often use it as my own personal "crafters Google" and will often use it first when looking for a DIY project.  You can use it to search for recipes, crafts, printables, activities, and so much more!

Listen To Disney Podcasts- I don't personally listen to a lot of podcasts, but I have friends who swear by it.  If you're missing the parks, this might be a great time to find a Disney podcast to listen to.  There are so many Disney themed podcasts out there; you're bound to find something that both you and your kids will enjoy listening to.

Put Together a Disney Puzzle- This seemed like another obvious choice to me, but I decided to include it on my family activity list anyways.  Eliot and I love putting puzzles together.  (He used to do it all the time when we lived in Massachusetts.)  There are so many fun puzzles out there.  Disney currently only has wooden 3D puzzles on their shop Disney website, but you can also find traditional jigsaw puzzles at big box stores like Walmart, Target and Michael's.  Eliot and I are always on the lookout for Thomas Kinkade Disney puzzles since those are our personal favorites!  They're beautiful!

Put Together Disney Lego Sets- This is another idea that I love and it's one step up from building a puzzle together as a family.  There are a ton of Disney Lego sets- from small ones, to medium sets, to the giant Disney castle.  You can purchase them from many places such as shop Disney, Amazon, Walmart, Target and more.  Plus, once they're put together, it gives kids another fun toy that they can play with!

Disney Karaoke Night- I've always thought this would be so much fun!  You don't need anything fancy to do it, if you have a computer or television that can get onto Youtube, there are a ton of Disney karaoke videos on there- with lyrics included!  Want to do a duet, just search for it.  Have a specific song in mind, search for that too.  This could provide hours worth of entertainment for your entire family.

Draw Disney Characters- If your family loves the Animation Academy, then this is for you!  Disney has two sections on their new Disney Magic Moments website that's dedicated to drawing characters.  They've got the Disney Animation section and are adding videos regularly.  So far, they've added tutorials to draw Anna, Elsa, Olaf and Sven from Frozen 2, and Ariel.  They also have a section for Pixar characters where they've added Barley from Onward and Duke Caboom from Toy Story 4.  You can also search on Youtube and you'll see a ton of past Disney character drawing tutorials!

Disney Charades- This is a great time for family games and if you want something different than board games, charades is a great alternative.  Plus, there are a ton of fun Disney movies, characters and songs to choose from.  If you need ideas, search for "printable Disney charades" and you'll find a ton of ideas and templates you can use!

Disney Heads Up- This is another great game to play with the Heads Up app on your cell phone.  Eliot and I have played it with his sisters while we were waiting in line at Disneyland.  It was the perfect way to pass the time.  We used the Disney themed deck, but that was too easy for us to guess with the clues we were given.  Instead, we switched over to playing the version where you act the cards out, and it was hilarious.

Make Disney Parks Recipes- I'm pretty sure it's pathetic how much I crave a Mickey Candy Apple right now, but apparently I'm not alone in my desire to add a little bit of magic to my diet.  The Disney Parks Blog has started a series of posts where they give you the recipe to some of our favorite park treats including: the Disneyland Churros, the Grilled Cheese Sandwich in Toy Story Land and even a Dole Whip.  This is the perfect chance to experiment and make some of your favorite park treats at home!

Celebrate Holidays- This is another fun way to pass the time and give your family something to look forward to.  You can celebrate actual holidays, or you can find National days to celebrate by searching "national days for April".  Some upcoming days for April celebrate garlic, cheddar fries, picnics, pigs in a blanket and pretzels.  Or, you could make up your own holidays/themed days to celebrate.  You could do it once a week and mark it on the calendar so your kids have something to look forward to.

Themed Movie Night- A themed movie night can combine many of these ideas.  Pick a Disney movie to watch and plan family activities based off of your selection.  For example, you could pick Frozen 2 to watch on DVD or Disney+.  Your family can make themed cupcakes or cookies for dessert with blue frosting and silver sprinkles.  Then, you could play charades like Anna, Elsa, Olaf, and Kristoff play in the movie.  You can sing karaoke with songs from the movie.  You could also make a Frozen 2 themed craft or create your own drawings of the characters from the movie!  Your family can make your themed movie night as elaborate or as simple as you'd like.

Drive-In Movie or Dive-In Movie- If you want a different spin on the themed movie night, you can have a "drive-in" or a "dive-in" movie.  For a "drive-in" movie, you can create tiny cars for your kids using boxes and plastic plates.  The kids could even decorate them for added fun!  Then, have your kids sit in their own car during the movie.  If you have a pool and you live somewhere warm enough to go in it, you can have a "dive-in" movie.  You'll need some sort of a screen and a projector to show the movie on.  Then, grab your pool float and watch the movie from your pool!  (You can search for both of these ideas online for more specific details.)

Pillow Fort or Castle- What kid doesn't love to build a pillow fort?  I used to love making myself a fort with our couch cushions.  Eliot's sisters made one at our house a few years ago while Eliot and I were both at work.  I came home to a giant fort and we spent the evening watching movies in it before disassembling it the next day.  If you have a separate playroom for the kids, you might even consider letting them leave it up for a few days since unexpected company can't come over to your house anyways!

Camping Indoors- If you want to take your pillow fort a step farther, you could camp out in it.  You can cook campfire foods like hot dogs and s'mores.  (I have s'mores supplies that I've been cooking in the microwave each night before bed... yum!)  If you have a tent, you could also set that up inside, but the pillow fort works too.

Share Disney Memories- If you're having an indoor camp out, this would be a great time to share some of your favorite Disney parks memories.  We all miss going to the parks, but by sharing our favorite moments, it helps keep the magic of the parks alive.

Family Sing-A-Long or Jam Session- Who doesn't love a good Disney song?  I know Disney music can cheer me up even on the worst of days.  This is a great time to have a family sing-a-long.  You can search for lyric videos on Youtube which include the music and the lyrics.  Or, if someone in your family knows how to play an instrument, you can have a sing-a-long jam session with them playing the music for you!

Learn a Disney Dance- This is also a great time to learn a dance from your favorite Disney Channel movie.  If you search for "Learn Disney Dance", you'll get results for a bunch of different videos that will teach you moves from your favorite movies.  Plus, you will all get a good workout and it's an outlet for kids with extra energy.

Make a TikTok or Youtube Video- I've seen so many family videos on my Facebook feed!  Some of my friends are making family dance videos for TikTok.  Other families are making their own version of at home Disney theme park rides.  This is a fun way to spend time together and to create something you'll have to watch for years to come!

I hope you enjoyed this second post in my Things to Do While Under Quarantine series!  I'll be posting my (very long) list for teens and adults tomorrow!  °o°

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