Monday, December 5, 2022

2022 Disney Christmas Collection

Happy Monday!  Today is Walt Disney's birthday so I thought this was the perfect day to finally share the 2022 Disney Parks holiday merchandise with you.  I admit that I've been putting this post off since I assumed more products would be added throughout the season.  (It started showing up back before Halloween.)  I was correct, but now that Black Friday is over and they're trying to get rid of it, I figured it was time!

This wasn't my favorite release of holiday merchandise.  I was a little bit disappointed, but my wallet was so thankful because there were still plenty of other things that Eliot and I have found locally or on other online shops that found their way home with us instead.  However, there were a few things that popped out at me.  

Here are a few things that I liked from the 2022 Disney Holiday Collection.

One of the first things I'm always looking for are the new Spirit Jerseys.  This year, they had a print that resembled an ugly Christmas sweater.  Eliot and I both thought it was cute, but we didn't jump on it.  (We have so many Christmas ones!) 

As usual, they had designs for both US theme parks, and a Happy Holidays version.

There were also some for youth and for your furry friends!

Something I slightly regret not getting were the Spirit Jersey sweaters.  Eliot and I love our sweaters from last year.  They're bug, cozy and super comfortable!  They made designs for both Walt Disney World and Disneyland... 

As well as a Season's Greetings sweater!  I love how the design has a snowman, trees, rabbits and cardinals.  It would be a great thing to wear all winter!

There was also this cute Mickey and Minnie long sleeve shirt.

If simple and understated is more your thing, they had this long sleeve shirt too.

Switching gears, a few accessories popped out at me.  (You know how much I love accessories!)  This Alex and Ani bracelet was actually my favorite this year.

I don't usually buy park ears, but I might have to get these Mickey Santa ears!

I was sorely disappointed in the Peppermint Loungefly.  They usually do a few hoilday designs, so I wasn't too worried when this was shown back in July.  However, it was the only Loungefly bag in this year's park collection and I don't like it.  The peppermint looks weird to me with only part of it in sequin.  (Plus, someone mentioned a certain Nazi symbol and now that's all I see.)  It's too bad because the mint color, striped straps and cookies are absolutely adorable!

They also released a few new Dooney and Burke bags.  This caught my attention... but not in a good way.  I think it's horrible and the brown straps pull out all of the wrong colors.  You guys know that I love fun, bright colors and this missed the mark for me.

Moving onto home decor... quite possibly my favorite part of the home decor collection was this tree skirt.  I low how the Christmas lights run around the entire outside.  I wish it was a different color way though... still not a huge fan.

They also had a matching pillow.

As well as Mickey and Minnie Mouse stockings.

This fleece throw is cute and simple.

I really liked the Mickey and Minnie Plush!

Now we're moving into my favorite part of this year's designs... the kitchen stuff!  I was pretty flabbergasted when I first saw these adorable baking dishes.

I also really liked the red bowl in this Mixing Bowl Set.

Still not a fan of the ugly mustard brown color, but other than that, I think this Kitchen Towel design is really adorable! I love the cookie theme!

There's a matching Glass Tumbler Set.

And I always love how they include a matching Milk and Cookies for Santa Set.

There was a matching Table Runner.

This is a super cute Minnie Mouse Cake Stand.  I hope they keep making these!

Finally, my favorite piece from the kitchen collection has to be the Christmas Tree Measuring Cups.  Not only are they practical, but they're super cute!

The last part of the holiday items were the Pixar Holiday Collection.  Disney released photos of this 
Spirit Jersey back in July and I had such high hopes for this collection because the Spirit Jersey with the Pixar ornaments definitely caught my eye!

They also made some matching mouse ears.

This Kitchen Set is really cute and I love the Wall-E and Eve potholders.

There was also a Monsters Inc Apron.

Here's where they lost me... the nutcracker parts of this design were extremely hit or miss.  For example, on this Plate and Mug Set, Carl is the stuff that fuels nightmares.

But I thought that this Monsters Inc Blanket was pretty cute.

For the most part, I liked this pillow... although I'd probably leave it facing forward.

Whereas this shirt absolutely terrifies me.

Overall, I think the concept to use Pixar for a holiday theme was 100% adorable.... which is why I'm going to leave you with what I thought was the best part of the Pixar Holiday collection... this super cute Monsters Inc Wreath!

And there you have it!  That's a wrap on the 2022 Disney Parks Holiday Collection.  It definitely wasn't my favorite, but my wallet is eternally grateful.  °o°

Photos from Shop Disney and Shop Disney's Facebook page.

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