Monday, December 19, 2022

Magical Merchandise: 2022 Disney Parks Hanukkah Collection

Happy Monday and Happy First Day of Hanukkah!  While the Festival of Lights officially started last night at sundown, today is the first day!  I originally had another Christmas merchandise post planned for today, but since it was Hanukkah, I thought that I'd take a break.  Plus, I actually had something I could share with you!

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In the past, I've been pretty critical about Disney and their lack of new Hanukkah products.  Usually, they create a collection and then they sell it at their theme parks for a few years.  Thus, you can't get anything new until they decide to create a new collection.  Last year, we were blessed with a new Hanukkah collection and I was so excited to write about it.  However, I was so not-optimistic about getting another collection in the next year or two that I literally called that post "Hanukkah Magic" and not Hanukkah 2021 like I usually do for other holidays.  I really didn't think we'd get a new Hanukkah collection again for another year or two.

Apparently, I need to eat my words.  I was honestly completely shocked when I logged into Shop Disney to find an entirely new Hanukkah collection with a different motif and design than last year!  (Wait, what?!?!)  There isn't a lot of it, but it is something so I'll definitely give them credit for that!  Anyways, let's check everything out!

I think the most practical thing in the entire collection is this new Hanukkah Shirt.  I had to have one, so naturally it was the first thing to sell out.  They restocked it online, and I missed it again.  However, Eliot's mom was able to get one for me at Disneyland the other day, and she had already bought one for Eliot!

I like how they made a Disney Hanukkah Gift Tag Set with 16 tags for two each of the nights of Hanukkah.  We don't do eight nights of gifts, but it's great for families who do.

Next, we're moving into the dining part of the collection.  My personal favorite addition was the Disney Hanukkah Salad Plate Set.  I'm not sure why they made salad plates and not full sized dinner plates, but these would make cute plates to serve stuff.

Next, there's also a Disney Hanukkah Serving Tray.  Plenty of serving options!

They made a Disney Hanukkah Wine Glass Set.  You can't really see much of the Hanukkah motif on it, but there's a little bit if you look closely at the top edge.

The Disney Hanukkah Table Runner is reversible and has the same design throughout.

The last part of dinner decor is the Disney Hanukkah Napkin Holder Set.  It's way too much for us to invest in for napkins, but the design and the napkin ring is really cute!

Finally, this year Disney also made a new Mickey Hanukkah Plush.  I really wish that they'd make a matching Minnie Mouse, but this one is really cute!  I might get a few of these to display and then use one of the to make a Hanukkah wreath!

Overall, I think this collection is really elegant and classy.  Plus, I'm very excited about more Disney Hanukkah products since Eliot and I are definitely still lacking compared to Christmas.  Maybe this means that Disney will continue to release new merchandise each year as part of their Keys to Inclusion?  I don't know, but a girl can hope!

HappHanukkah!!!  °o°

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