Friday, December 16, 2022

Fun Find: "Holiday Sweater" San Jose Sharks 2014 Holiday Video

Happy National Ugly Sweater Day!!!  Today, there was literally only one thing I wanted to post for Fun Find Friday... and it's a classic that I watch every holiday season.  

Every year, the San Jose Sharks come out with some sort of holiday video.  They have done some really fun and creative ones in the past.  Over the pandemic, they weren't able to go all out like they usually do, so this became my go to.  For the past 8 years, it's become a seasonal joke and source of joy for Sharks fans.

Every time I watch this video, I get a good chuckle.  I also find myself singing "Holiday Sweater" for days afterwards.  (I may or may not be singing it to myself right now...)

The best part is that the guys also seemed to get a kick out of it.  They all really committed to the video.  (Our guys like to have a good time.)  Even though I watch the video each year, I just discovered this reaction video recently.  And I've gotta say, I almost love it more than the actual video.  It's fun to see all of their reactions when they watched the video together while on their private plane during a road trip.

Earlier this month, I made Eliot rematch both of these videos when I made a joke about a "Holiday Sweater" and he didn't get the reference.  I literally stopped everything and we watched both videos on Youtube.  Eliot did remember the original video, but it had been a while.  Plus, he hadn't seen the reaction video either.  (We had a good laugh.)

Who knows what the Sharks will have up their sleeves for their 2022 holiday video... but I know one thing for sure, I've gotta get a San Jose Sharks holiday sweater...  °o°

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