Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Winter Solstice and Serenity

Happy Winter Solstice!

I originally had so many ideas for my blog post today.  I thought about doing a big thing for Elsa's Birthday (which is today, Anna's is the Spring Solstice).  I also thought about doing a winter wreath design for Wreath Wednesday.  Or even doing a winter craft...

In the end, the thing that called to me most was something simple.  There's a quiet peace that I'm soaking in today.  Sometimes, I just sit and work in silence throughout the afternoon.  I'm usually listening to music, or having a Hallmark movie playing in the background.  But the past few months, I've enjoyed the quiet.  Living in the countryside has benefits and one of them is the peace.  There's a beautiful serenity to it.

Things have still been pretty crazy personal life wise.  I still have to go back and write about the past few weeks.  But to put it simply, Mom, Dad and Nana were in a bad car accident two weeks ago on their way home from Portland.  They're all ok- for the most part anyways.  But I could be without parents right now.  So keeping things simple and appreciating the small things have been big in my wheelhouse the past two weeks.

So today, I'm working on a few last orders that Eliot and I want to get out before our "Christmas break" and trying to plug away at the blog posts I'm behind in.  (Still about 20 of them... but I'm not big on counting or worrying about them right now.)  I'll probably watch a Christmas movie during my (super late) lunch break in a few minutes, and I already watched a new Hallmark movie earlier while eating breakfast.

And I'll soak in the serenity and peace of the Winter Solstice.  Outside, it's cold and the sun will soon be setting on the shortest day of daylight in the year.  But the sunlight of the golden hour a few minutes ago was shining spectacularly through our front door windows as I paused for a split second to soak it in.  The snow is glistening.  And soon, our Christmas lights in the front yard will be twinkling away- brightening the darkness.

This day makes a lot of people bitter due to the lack of sun and daylight.  But for me, I choose to focus on the peace and serenity.  Happy Winter Solstice.  °o°

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