Wednesday, December 7, 2022

A Flurry of Scurrying

Hi Friends!  Whew, has it been a while.  Well... it won't look like that on here eventually, but right now it does anyways.  It's technically been almost two weeks since I last popped in at Thanksgiving.  As you can probably imagine, Eliot and I have been extremely busy the past few weeks.  Things have certainly picked up in the realm of holiday orders.  And we've also been busy actually having lives the past few weeks!

I'll fill you in on everything as soon as I can.  I'm over 20 posts behind where I planned to be right now, so if you follow along regularly, you'll see a lot of stuff popping up for November and December.  I had two DIY posts that I had been planning to finish for October, but at this point I'm over it.  (But I've already got some pumpkins to make a few projects for next year though!)  I am trying to go back and finish all of the posts I had for November and December though.  So those will be here eventually!

In the meantime, I'm mainly focusing on getting everything finished and mailed out for Happily Ever Hatter and Snowblade Creations.  Eliot and I have been printing like crazy, and we're in pretty good shape.  We're actually ahead on most orders and getting them mailed out a week or two ahead of schedule.  There's always a few that we've fallen behind on... but for the most part, we're feeling pretty good about things!  

Our big USPS holiday shipping deadline is Saturday December 17th, so we're 10 days away from that.  The next week and a half is going to a flurry of scurrying around finishing everything up, but I think that I'm ready for it!  We've also got a few fun things to look forward to these next few weeks, so that will break things up for us!

I'll pop back in here to get caught up on blog posts whenever I have a break from the hustle and bustle of our flurry of scurrying!  Have a wonderful holiday season!!!  °o° 

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