Monday, December 12, 2022

Magical Merchandise: Disney100 Platinum Celebration Collection

Happy Monday everyone!  I'm back with another merchandise post... and we're taking a break from our previously scheduled Christmas product posts to check out a new Disney Parks collection that was released this morning!  

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As you are probably already aware, the Walt Disney Company is celebrating it's 100th Platinum Anniversary this upcoming year.  There are all sorts of special touches for the celebration- many of which probably haven't even been announced yet.  However, they're getting a head start on the celebration with their new merchandise collection!   

This collection is everything that I could have dreamt of and more.  The Disney100 collection features shiny platinum and they have a few items literally "dripping" in the metallic hue.  The entire collection is encompassed by silver and pretty pastel shades of pink, blue and purple.  It reminds me of the shimmering iridescent colors used for the Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary Celebration, and I'm 100% obsessed.  It's probably a bit too girly for some people, but I absolutely love it! 

So without further ado, let's check out the Disney100 Platinum Celebration Collection!

The first thing that caught my attention were the new Spirit Jerseys.  I'm admittedly a complete sucker for these to begin with... but these have got to be the some of the most gorgeous ones that I've ever seen.  I'm obsessed with the colors, sparkles and shimmering silver.  Our friends are all on the back in their shiny new Disney100 outfits!

There are Spirit Jerseys for both theme parks.  Here's the Walt Disney World design.

And here is the design for Disneyland.

Both versions come in adult and youth sizes... and you can't forget Fido.  There are even two designs for your furry friends to match the family!

My next favorite new item is the Loungefly backpack.  I'm hoping there's also one in the pastel colors, but so far they've only released this platinum drip design.

These Disney100 Mouse Ears would match the ensemble perfectly.

There are also these Platinum Mouse Ears to match the collection.

They also made some new Dooney and Burke bags.  There's a tote bag, crossbody and a satchel style available with a character print on them.

If you want to shimmer from head to toe, these Crocs have got your feet covered.

There are also a few more muted pieces.  So far, they've released this women's sweatshirt that's black but still has the festive Disney100 details.

If you wan accessories to match, there are bracelets and necklaces that I've seen photos of, but I haven't seen online yet.  (Or they already sold out... but hopefully they'll be available again soon since it isn't even 2023 yet!)  In the meantime, you could match your drink to your outfit using these shiny silver Disney100 Starbucks Mugs.

If you have other small friends, this matching Numio Spirit Jersey is perfect!

I can't even tell you how adorable this little silver Nuimo Loungefly backpack is!

Switching gears to home decor, there are a few options available so far.  First, I spotted this new Mickey Mouse Statue.  He reminds me of the giant Mickey at D23!

There's also this ornament set, but it already sold out online.

There's a platinum silver mouse ear ornament still available though!

I thought this little snow globe was a cute addition to the collection.

Finally, my last item for today are these cute Mickey and Minnie plush.  Eliot and I are total suckers for plush toys and I'm sure these will find their way to us eventually!

And those are my favorite products from what we have seen so far!  I'm so excited to be at the parks a few weeks from now.  I can't wait to see what they have available for merchandise there.  I'm sure we'll find something special to bring home to Maine!!!  °o°

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