Friday, March 10, 2023

Fun Find: Super Nintendo World Videos

It's Super Mario Day!!!  Each year, fans of Mario and Luigi celebrate the popular video game on March 10th... MAR 10... MAR10... MARIO... get it?

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Since today also happens to be a Friday, I thought the best way to celebrate was to share a few videos from the newly opened Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Hollywood!  It just opened back on February 17th, so it's not even a month old yet!

I know that I usually post Disney parks related news, but as you know I have been trying to branch out a bit.  And I think this new section of the park deserves to be celebrated.  Just like the Harry Potter sections of Universal parks, this new land is top notch.  It looks like you're walking through the actual video game.  Universal has really brought a lot to the table lately, and the Harry Potter and Nintendo portions of their parks feel very Disney in essence.  (Disney definitely needs to keep up!)

The most talked about part of the new section seems to be the Mario Kart dark ride.  I should start off by saying that I love Mario Kart.  I'm not really a video game person, but I've been known to get my go cart on occasionally.  Jeremy, Eliot and I love to play it together, and Eliot and I have also played it a a few times with Sara and Elissa.  I might not be very good at it, but it's still a lot of fun.   (And I do occasionally win!)  

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So when I heard about this ride, I had to know more about it.  I'm always so hesitant with Universal rides because there are so many I can't go on.  The video below shows a great comparison of the ride with and without the glasses.  I think it looks great without the glasses... and from that point of view, I might be able to ride it.  The images that the glasses create are amazing, but I'm afraid it might be too much for me.  I get motion sickness on rides pretty easily... so I'm not sure how I'd fare on this.  But it looks absolutely amazing!  It's like Test Track and Runaway Railroad had a Nintendo baby!

This entire addition looks incredible.  I'm so glad it's coming to Florida soon too!  I can't wait to go and take photos like I'm actually in the game.  I'm also going to have to try one of those burgers with the cute little hats.  And the MagicBand like wrist bands also look like a lot of fun.  I'm sure that I'll have a blast whether I can go on the rides or not.

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Plus, I know that Eliot and Jeremy would absolutely freak out seeing this!  The three of us used to brainstorm ideas for a Nintendo theme park years ago.  We used to talk about making a "Rainbow Road" ride... so it's cool to see it as a reality now!  We will definitely have to go together to see this someday!  Happy Super Mario Day!!!  °o°

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