Sunday, March 26, 2023

Winter 2023 Bucket List Results

Well, this didn't go as planned... not one bit; but, that's life.  I'm going to make this Bucket List recap short and painless.  Usually, I like to write something about each goal.  This time around, I'm not going to waste my time with that.

Winter of 2023 kind of sucked.  When I wrote out my bucket list, I was still filled with the hope and promise of a new year and beginning.  Eliot and I started the year off on the right foot at Walt Disney World, and then Nana died.  Then, I basically lost all of my motivation at that point, and I spent most of winter trying to dig myself out of grief.

I didn't even think about most of these goals.  They just weren't important anymore, but I'll recap the ones that I was able to accomplish.  Here's how Winter 2023 turned out:

Melissa's Winter 2023 Bucket List


1.) Make Waffles

2.) Drink a Special Winter Hot Cocoa

3.) Make Heart Shaped Pizza (February 9th is National Pizza Day)

4.) Bake Something

5.) Make Chocolate Covered Strawberries

6.) Make Hot Cocoa Bombs

7.) Make S’Mores

8.) Learn How to Make a Charcuterie Board

9.) Make Snow Cones with Real Snow

10.) Make Cotton Candy


1.) Watch New Winter Hallmark Movies

2.) Watch New Valentine’s Day Hallmark Movies

3.) Watch Favorite Winter Hallmark Movies

4.) Watch Favorite Valentine’s Day Hallmark Movies

5.) Watch Irish Hallmark Movies for St. Patrick’s Day


1.) Make a Winter Craft

2.) Paint on my Easel

3.) Make a Valentine's Day Craft

4.) Make a Seasonal Wreath

5.) Make a St. Patrick’s Day Craft


1.) Do A Puzzle

2.) Go Sledding

3.) Send Valentine's Day Cards

I didn't send physical cards like I originally wanted to, but I was still able to post a few things online and send friends and family gifs through text messages.

4.) Read a Winter Book

5.) Take a Bubble Bath

6.) Have a Game Night with Eliot

7.) Build a Snowman

8.) Go to a Sharks Hockey Game

Eliot and I were able to attend a San Jose Sharks game out in San Jose on February 25th for Patrick Marleau's jersey retirement ceremony.

9.) Celebrate Happily Ever Hatter's 9th Birthday

I was able to take a little bit of time to celebrate nine years of my business!

10.) Watch the Super Bowl

Eliot and I tuned in to watch his Philadelphia Eagles lose to the Kansas City Chiefs.

11.) Go Ice Skating 

12.) Do Something Special for Valentine’s Day

Eliot and I didn't go out to do anything special, but he did bring me home some Russell Stover chocolates, Nerds Ropes and Cadbury Eggs... all some of my favorites.

13.) Have a Winter Carnival with Our Neighborhood

14.) Have a Snowball Fight

We had a very impromptu snow fight (started by Eliot) outside of our dentist office after we had our teeth cleaning in February.  

15.) Make Snow Angels

16.) Go to Ice Castles in New Hampshire

17.) Celebrate Our Dating Anniversary on February 28th

We didn't do anything special, but Eliot did stay home from work since it was the day we got home from our trip to California.  It was nice just to have him home with me.

18.) Go to a Mariners Hockey Game

We went to tons of Mariners hockey games this year and had a blast!

19.) Blow Bubbles (Will they turn into ice?)

20.) Go Somewhere with a Warmer Climate

We went to FL for the first half of January and CA for a few days in February.

21.) Do a Winter Nature Walk

22.) Have a Spa Day

23.) Start Using a Planner

24.) Do Something Fun on St. Patrick’s Day

We went to a Maine Mariners game on St. Patrick's Day!

25.) Clean the House During our Quiet Months

I didn't get as much done as I wanted to, but I was able to make a little bit of progress!

And there you have it... Winter of 2023.  I'm ready to move past this and bring on the spring, flowers, warm weather and new beginnings!  Until next year winter!  °

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