Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Spring 2023 Sewing Class Begins

Things have been heavy around here lately.  And today is another bittersweet day... 

Today, I had my first Spring 2023 Sewing Classes of this session.  This is always a day that I look forward to, but there was definitely a little bit of extra baggage today.  I won't lie, it was a bit emotional to go to sewing class after losing Nana.  She's the one who encouraged me to take a class to begin with.  She always said that I'd learn way more in a class than she could ever teach me.  Nana was always so proud when I showed her any of my projects that I was working on in class.  She loved my skirt, the pillow cases and valences that I made her and the tote bags that I've been working on.  She was especially impressed with my Beauty and the Beast tote bag.

So this session is going to be a little sad, but I'm still looking forward to it.

In fact, I registered all the way back on January 21st.  I usually wait until a few weeks before class, but I was afraid these classes would fill up.  That's right... classes.  No, there isn't an afternoon class this session.  But as I told you back in the fall, they're doing a night class!  As soon as registration opened, I signed up for my usual morning class.  Then, I also immediately signed both Eliot and myself up for the night class.

I'm really excited for Eliot to take the night classes with me.  He's never sewn anything before, but we've talked about getting into embroidering things.  I figure this will be a great way for him to become familiar with the machines and how they work.  Plus, he always joked about me making him a Hawaiian shirt someday... maybe we'll be able to make one together once we're both more comfortable with sewing stuff!

My morning class was good.  I think there are going to be five of us.  There were four of us today, but one lady had to leave for some reason.  All the other students are new, so hopefully a few of them will stick around.  It sounds like they're interested in learning more techniques, but that always seems to be the case, then they never come back.

Tonight, Eliot will come home from work early to meet up with me at the house before driving over to class together.  He's never actually been to the school before, so I'm excited to show him that, the small local grocery store where I get my breakfast, and the Walgreen's nearby.  My instructor Lori is excited to finally meet Eliot too.  She has certainly heard a lot about him during our classes over the past few years!

I have no idea what projects I'm going to be working on this session.  This morning, I started working on the final assembly of the bags I've been working on for years.  Now, the lining is sewn into my Ariel, Steamboat Willie and Princess bags!  During tonight's class, I'm going to work on turning them inside out.  Eliot and I weren't able to get another sewing machine yet, so I'm going to have him use mine tonight for the time being since I'm already very familiar with how it runs.  I figure that I can help him and the other students, and when I'm not doing that, I'll turn my three bags inside out!

After that, who knows what I'll work on!  If I can find the valance fabric that I already cut, I'd like to make the valences for our living room, dining room and kitchen.  I also might work on a table runner for the dining room.  (Joanns has a great new Disney snacks fabric that would be a lot of fun!)  I sent Lori some patterns for a knit skirt, knit cardigan and a knit Spirit Jersey style shirt... so we might try to tackle those at some point this spring or fall.  I've never sewn anything on a stretchy knit fabric, so that would definitely be a new challenge for us!  Whatever I end up doing, I'm sure that a I'll learn a lot and have fun doing it!  And I'm going to love having Eliot in the night class!

So, I'm one class down in my 16 morning and evening spring 2023 sewing classes.  It's probably going to be a little emotional, but I'm going to keep pushing forward and continuing to learn to honor my Nana.  I know she'd be proud of me and she would have gotten a kick out of Eliot taking class too!  This session is for you Nana!!!  °o°

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